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Review of StreetFight!
"Welcome back to earth."
Map Name   StreetFight! (streetfight-c.bsp)
Map Version   1.3
Map Author   Vedacon
Download   gloom13full.exe (1mb)
Reviewer   Grytviken
Reviewed on   Wed May 31 16:16:45 2000
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

We'll call it 'gloom drv.' It basically a ring street with a subway. But it got tons of real-life building, making for a hell of an intense battleground. Yup a good map indeed. I think the sky texture was taken from an action quake 2 map (correct me if im wrong pls). With the large buildings surrounding the area (due to the sky texture of course) it seems that this takes place in an area of low income. You've got a subway that you cant ride, and some 1337 graffity in the station. most classes play pretty well but...

Can someone say 'wraith ownage'? The wraith is probably the best class for this map. The night time sky, coupled with the fact that most of the map is outdoors, is perfect for wraith needs. You'll need a bioteck to blow these flying rabbits out of the sky.

Its a good map and a cool one, case closed.

User comments:
I usually just change my sky to a bright one and nail the wraiths:P - Saig
The game usually comes to a standstill when both teams manage to build their... - R1CH [more]
The lack of a ceiling above the buildings makes it too difficult to get h... - ThePyro [more]
The wraiths are best used to take out turrets and make way for kamis - Grytviken
nail on the head. great if you like games that end in a draw. well, i do anyway. - ando
I love the sounds on this map...makes you feel like you're out on the str... - [CARGO] [more]
By far the worst map in gloom. Not realistic (ceiling sky). Irritating... - Chuckies [more]
its a gay map, its slow on my p133 :Pits like 5fpsyou should make a map tha... - Echon [more]
Crappy level i hate the flying guys :) and that sky is from action q2 i t... - BIG EPI [more]
I've always hated this map. Being a wraith isnt much help on a 56k - OuTkAsT
Camping, spamming, wide open areas, unpenatrable bases, lag problems, ... - Carcinogen [more]
This map is one of the worst. A complete piece of crap. Not just crap ... - Widowmaker [more]
Nice Map... Sounds Do Bug Me But So Do The Bugs... Fun Before ... - [H'sM] GrimReaper [more]
I Just Say One Thing....HUMAN CAMPS - MaCiNrOe
Great, finally somebody's made a map in the STREETS! Just what I was w... - PsychoBrat [more]
fun map, thats all there is too it - !n$@n!ty
This map is the worst ever... like playing gloom in an action quake map? - Krybosis
bleh... fun map... i love maps with good textures n shit... - ReD DraGoN
that link isnīt working!!!!!!!!! - raakis
My browser is laggin... - Ranger
i love action/i love gloom 2 and 2 makes 4 guys - [MerC]Agent
h8 it - BuG

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Average rating for StreetFight!: 5.0/10


Total: 45 ratings
Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Really catches the feel of a rumble downtown. Some appartments are lit to give a realistic feel. Many cool billboards boasted as well. Lighting is fine.

Cube Cube

Comment: A tad bit too open for glooming needs. This is, for the most part, countered with tons of relocation areas. But no one really uses them... The teams just set up camp on the roof. Making 50% of games pretty 3WV7.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: You're fighting in a series of streets down in the red light district. Original? You wan't me too hit you?

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Its a cool map, its a fun map, it comes with gloom. And it deserves to be there as well.
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