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Review of The Agony
"The RAGE with no brush work and really high r_speeds"
Map Name   The Agony (agony.bsp)
Map Version   6/27/00
Map Author   Heksu
Download (.683mb)
Reviewer   ValouR
Reviewed on   Tue Jun 27 01:38:49 2000

First thing I did on this level was spawn as a hatchy and leave the base, what am i confronted with... r_speeds of 1500+ and a grunt at the other end of the corridor with nice r_speeds under 300. This isnt a rare happening either as the level is so small.

Graphically the level is attempting to be like the rage, in the design of the humans base and the spiders base especially, but it is by NO means a rageSE. The spiders base may have actually improved (its darker and has no door) but everything else is pretty much worse than the rage. The humans base is blocky (i mean lack of brush work, its just rectangle city) and poorly lit (I dont mean its too dark). The main corridors are r_speedy and lit with point lights alone (eek), coloured lighting has been overused in some areas, most notably the back route where everything is black except for some red glow from some sort of computer thing against the wall (which u cant see anyway).

The doors (which get their own paragraph) are bloody awfull, worse so than the ones in mk-full im afraid. The consist of a big, thick rectangular block with the q2 green door texture stuck on them, Dispite the fact that the texture has a big black area (which is where door is supposed to stick into a wall). Also the door frames are worth mentioning, taking into account the r_speeds It looks remarkably like someone went rectangle - carve - tie to entity which is never a good thing. I beseech thee mappers dont touch that carve button! Anohter point on the map where effects of the carve button is in full show is the room next to the spiders base, where some cylindrical thing is supended above some flooded cylindrical hole. Just look at the brush division on the floor, eep.

The layout... its too small. The short route is very very short and the chances of stopping a mech are very low (unless fella is around), stopping a kami however is made easier by the big blocky doors and the humans base having a really high ledge just right for turrets and grunts. I guess if you managed to get a stalker you might have some fun in the darkness of the back passages (until some git using nitro2 to override gl_modulate turns up.)

User comments:
Hey how did you get agony into the script? i wanted to flame it first!!... - Grytviken [more]
just lucky i guessnow someone add refinery it deserves my attention - ValouR
Hah! Sucker! I already reviewed it! - Saig
By the way, the only thing agonizing about this map is...well, the map! - Saig-2

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Average rating for The Agony: 2.5/10


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Comment: Just because its dark is no excuse to the same texture on every single wall.


Comment: Very small once you have learned the away through, grunts will not be around for long as they will have gone commando within 1 minute of the game starting.


Comment: Its a case of "spot the brush work" here.


Comment: Lighting is pretty awfull, the lack of texturing doesn't help the general squareness of the level highlights all the other errors.
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