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Review of Base BAC
"1% of this map makes sense"
Map Name   Base BAC (basebac.bsp)
Map Author   Spider Warrior
Download (0.96mb)
Reviewer   Grytviken
Reviewed on   Fri Jul 7 09:25:57 2000

where the clowns are idiots like me who actually took the time to download this crap.

It plays like a discotech, you can't enter a different room wihtout the stupid coloured light changing. But hey, you can ignor this fact cause each room has a theme.
Room #1- Square box with green lighting and a liquid pyramid in the middle.
Room #2- Pink rooms, yes pink. With prefab tubes in em. YAY PREFABS
Room #3- Room with three exits. but you have to push the button beside door1 to open door3. Interesting no? no...

These themed rooms go on and on for ever linked by tiny, endless hallways.
The only place that made sense is the on outdoor area outside the human base. But as soon as you enter you are treated to a crappy human base encased in a bed of lava held back by lava-resistant glass and 2x4s

this is a very sad day in the gloom world indeed.
Try again by all means mapper dude, but think before releasing crap into the comunity. Your reputation as a mapper just went sub-zero.

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Comment: I would have given one cube for texturing, but I include lighting here so too bad.


Comment: layout? what layout?


Comment: A mining expedition gone wrong. It just didnt work out.


Comment: Avoid this map like you would avoid a ourangatang with a cold-sore and halitosis that really yurns to make out with you. this primate is also invincible, but can only be defeated if you do not get this map.
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