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Review of HazMat Processing Plant #6
"A very neat map, sporting slime tubes and building areas for both species!"
Map Name   HazMat Processing Plant #6 (hazmatb.bsp)
Map Version   b
Map Author   The Pyro
Download (1.1mb)
Reviewer   Creep
Reviewed on   Sun Jul 23 17:36:07 2000
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!


This map is of High Quality(TM)! Different building areas for humans and aliens... The ability to wipe everything in the vents out with a button in the enemy base, and the awesome effect of a tube of slime, flowng around the map. Like I said on the side, this map will mostly ALWAYS go to the timelimit.

You start out in the Human base, boxes everywhere, nice arches in the tall hallways, very light. Then you slowly ease your way into spider territory. You start seeing Slime Tubes, hell, slime everywhere! And it gets alot darker then it was before. As you enter the actual spider base, the tectures change into a blue-ish bark setting. You can here hatchling cries every so often. Which I don't know if that was intended but, it's pretty cool. Its sometimes a maze when you are running away from a drone or something, you can't find your way out...


All in all, this map kicks major ass, and I give a thumbs up to ThePyro because he works hella-hard on his maps, and they all turn out great!

User comments:
I dont think us reviewers are allowed to link to images on other servers, ... - ValouR [more]
especially on servers which don't work... - R1CH
Its a deadlock map...plain and simple. You need a *GOD* player to turn the tide... - Saig
Another map by Pyro that is a pointless waste of time. Just when you think... - Fella [more]
It'd be nice to get these comments during the beta phase guys. Doesn't d... - ThePyro [more]
thats why we have god players saig...CANT STAND FRENCH KEYBOARD!!! - grytviken
I don't think Fella likes Pyro... - Cybernetsam
the revision seems to ease up the main room choke point, but not many people s... - R1 [more]
Mabey you guys should be more appreciative of a given mappers hard ... - {DaRk}Defiler [more]
Excellent map, now a well known classic. - Cataclaw
Exellent map with 1.3's gamebalance. - M345
I like the map... but the spam is really bad when the game gets going, and... - Ranger [more]
This map just kicks ass! excellent work :) - carnifex
Actually, I'm fooling around with a hazmatc. ThePyro, do I have your p... - MajorPain [more]
Damn fine map, easy to see the loving attention put into every brush. - Godmil
Yeah, I love this map, its one of my favorites, gj pyro :) -- omgkwtf mp, d... - Kain [more]
Very Good map! It's a good map for the both rases! really good :) - Saboteur
Wow, I wrote that 4 years ago. - Creep

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Average rating for HazMat Processing Plant #6: 7.3/10


Total: 37 ratings
Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: The textures were all in the right place... Couldn't have been better...

Cube Cube

Comment: This was an ok Layout. In this map, There always seems to be camping in the line of spider base and human base.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: I especially loved being able to clear the sewers/vents, let alone actually HAVING a building area just for your species.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: This is a great map, one that will always last the timelimit. The downside is how people always end up in the rooms right next t eachother, spamming into the other room aimlessly.
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