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Review of Lost Base
"An enormous map that is full of potential..."
Map Name   Lost Base (lostbase-f.bsp)
Map Version   final
Map Author   Darkiller
Download (2.1mb)
Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Thu May 31 00:43:27 2001
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

Lost Base, by our good friend Darkiller. In the past hes' created but one map...namely called Base Slaughter. Quite a fun map...yet a little cramped. So this time around, DK decided to make a map of monolithic prepotions. Quite large indeed, and quite confusing at first, but it is high on the fun factor. The flaws from before have been fixed, and the map is a blast with 20+ players.

The architecture is very good. A bit basic, but it feels complete. The pipework section alone deserves some kudos. The pipes twisting around a long corridor make for some interesting confrontations. A large outdoor area adds some variety to a strictly base-type setting, and also provides a place to set up a nice base. The revision has updated this area with some enhanced rockwork and organic brushwork. Caves now link to the outside area, with some surreal organic work on the walls. Great addition! A large sewer system connects throughout the whole level, and the funny thing is that it fits the definition. I really felt as though I was running through a sewer =). The r_speeds stayed nice and low as well, providing smooth gameplay for high and low-end system users alike.

The layout itself is really quite large compared to other maps. Its also somewhat confusing. But, with time you should be able to easily make your way around...provided you can figure out where the sewers lead to. The Humans start off in a large room full of (you guessed it) boxes, with a platform raised in the middle. The spiders start off in a large room, housed in a hollowed out rock. Great tri-meshing is seen here, I applaud for the change. It is easier to get out of the Spider base now as well. Also, boxes are piled to the ceiling in the Spider base, filling up that empty space where Humans could sit for days and pick off Hatchlings. From each base, two different paths lead to almost the same place. A nice helix staircase now replaces the double-helix feeding grounds from before. This made me extremely happy, as now Humans have a way of actually getting down that pathway without too much fear. The outdoor area mentioned before has been redone in the revision as well. NO MORE BUILDING on the top of the cliffs! THANK YOU! As a bonus, DK has improved upon the look of the outdoor area as well, pumping it up with some great organics that put the first version to shame.

Anyway, corridors link the rest of the level, with plenty of eye candy to look at on the way. Some of the corridors are a bit small, making obstacles almost godlike in a manner, but no biggie. Relocation spots are just oozing from this map. There are so many places to move to that people actually WANT to be a builder class now. Its nice to see. This revision has changed so much, what with improving and removing those flaws that killed it before. I guess I can finally award this map with the Seal of Approval that its been waiting for so long to recieve. Well, enjoy DK, and keep up the good work (wherever you are now anyway).

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Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: From what Ive seen while playing this map, I think the texture usage is superb. I never frowned once while looking around. Good job!

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: A bit large if you ask me, but there is much connectivity throughout. Still some chokepoint issues, but all of the flaws have been eliminated thankfully. Nice job.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: It definitely fits the Gloom theme. The sewer system is really quite good, and the pipework is a sight to see. The revision now boasts some excellent organic caves, as well as an improved outdoor area that looks excellent! Extra cube!

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Good map! Yes! Finally earns that Seal of Approval! Those flaws are now squashed, and Im pleased to say that this map is worthy of owning.
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