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Review of TSpace2
"Your average gloom map."
Map Name   TSpace2 (tspace2.bsp)
Map Version   12/9/00
Map Author   uSm Dune
Web page   Click here.
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Reviewer   Cataclaw
Reviewed on   Tue Sep 18 14:54:22 2001
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

Dune asked me to review his map, and i was so caught up in other things that i went a week without reviewing it. Sorry dune, i've been busy :) Here, enjoy.

TSpace2b is a solid map. That's about the best way i can describe it. Layout is interesting and makes for good games, although they can get quite long at times, do to certain choke points. Plenty of base locations means every game will be different, unlike on maps where teams always establish in the same spot. The system of vents is tried and true, although kind of plain.

Visuals are "OK" just about everywhere and "GOOD" in some places. Nothing incredible you won't be soon forgetting, but overall visuals are just fine, and it's obvious Dune didn't rush to assemble his map together -- time was taken to carefully craft the map's architecture and slap on those textures. Lighting is okay. Bright in the human base, dark in the spider base. No extremes either, except in the spider base where it can get a tad too dark in some spots, but it's very minor. Thumbs up for lighting.

To be honest, right now i just don't know what to say as i write this review. The map is just... normal! There's nothing terribly bad about the map or terribly good either and nothing out of the ordinary that's worth noting. However, if Dune ever has the intention of updating the map again, because it does have a lot of potential, here are my recommendations:

-The "main way" between the human and spider bases are used too often, it makes for a lot of spam at times. There are plenty of ways into the bases, and if you find ways to encourage use of those alternate routes, it would dramatically improve gameplay.
-Be a little more creative and different with your textures and brushwork. A huge stack of crates isn't exactly "wow" material. Although your map is very functional, it could use some of that "wow"ness, if you know what i mean.

So with that, i'll wrap up this review. Summary: Good map, pretty well balanced, no significant flaws but not all that incredible either. (I'm kind of hesitant to give it a seal of approval, but i feel it's deserving.)

User comments:
thanks catclaw - Dune
Fun map, should be played more, especialy with new version - Millsy
Dune: It's "cataclaw". Now go make a revision! - Cataclaw
Jump Pads! ARGH! - Saig
First it was dumb elevators, why did you make the problem worse with ju... - Grytviken [more]
Screw them elevators. - Xenoid
Its a great map, gj DUNE! :) - minisavage
Map is OK, but the jump pads sometimes piss me off! Also the lights on ... - Krybosis [more]
Argh for the jump pads aswell. The rounds usually last way too long.. I'd bl... - Jose [more]

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Cube Cube

Comment: Textures and architecture are average and in some locations slightly above average. It's not bad, but it's not breathtaking either. Some textures don't seem to match or go well together, and lighting is a bit too scarce in some areas. Overall though, visuals are okay. Two cubes please.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: The layout has to be this map's best feature. Basically, there's a human base with vents, a spider base and all sorts of rooms in between, nothing new there. What sets this map apart from others though, is the abundance of alternate routes, corridors, paths, etc. Lots of hiding places and a couple of decent building spots. Good layout = good fun.

Cube Cube

Comment: It's a human base.. and a spider base.. with middle rooms and corridors. Not extremely creative, but a couple of interesting touches here and there.

Cube Cube

Comment: Overall, this is a darn right average gloom map. It's not a pile of trash, but it's no Pyro map either. It provides good gameplay, and although visuals are only satisfactory, who really gives a damn :)
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