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Review of The Nest
"Big level, Big triangles....*yawn*"
Map Name   The Nest (thenestc.bsp)
Map Version   1.0
Map Author   Cataclaw and Grytviken
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Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Thu Sep 27 04:47:42 2001

Cataclaw has been asking me to review this for a while now, so I might as well get it over with. The Nest is a large, open outdoor level which is about 3/5 tri-mesh landscape.

Architecture was mediocre. The large trimesh landscape seems to be the focal point of this map, and Im assuming thats what Cataclaw wanted in the first place. He did a decent job with it, but its nothing along the lines of what Sul could do. The bases were constructed in a basic manner, but the Spider base has some interesting details. I felt there was really no need for the tri-mesh ramp in the Spider base though, but I guess Cata really wanted to go all out with it. Lighting was done well though, with a nice ambient blue layed upon the landscape. No area was too dark, and its fairly simple to find your way around.

The layout of this map is very non-linear, as with the large outdoor landscape. You can go pretty much anywhere you want, but it still ends up with each team cramming into tiny halls sooner or later. I guess you could say its linear and non-linear at the same time. The bases were layed out very well though, with more than one entrance into each base (thank god). The vent access to the Human base was not unfair thankfully, as in most other maps. I guess Base Nova started the trend of making vents godlike or something, I dunno Im tired. There are numerous areas to expand your base to as well, which come in handy on a large map such as this.

Large maps, though, do seem to come at a price. While Cata did spruce up the landscape with tri-mesh, it just seems really dull. The blue lighting gets on your nerves, and makes you wish for something else to stand out besides grass and rocks with a blue hue. Of course this is just me, but Im the g'damned reviewer here (nice to know I have to remind myself sometimes). The Alien base was about the most creative thing in this level honestly.

The r_speeds settle in at a comfortably low level, but once again, as Ive stated in previous reviews, large playing fields tend to get packed with players, choking peoples machines with e_poly counts through the roof. But, thats only if a lot of players are in the game. Knowing this map, not many players want to play on it anyway, so its not much of a problem.

In honest opinion, I look at The Nest as a tri-mesh experiment. There probably was a valid layout to follow, but it just seems as though Cata wanted to make a big tri-mesh landscape for players to fight over (see Gloom Arena). It does sound good in theory, but Gloom isnt really suited to that type of playing field. Sorry if this review wasnt as entertaining as others, but Im pretty tired, and bored, and uninspired...argh I could go on and on. Final verdict? Large map, quite bland, lotsa tri-mesh, a bit amaturish.

*Note: This review also applies to Grytviken, though he hasnt been around much recently, which is why I forgot to include him in this review. Sorry.

*Extra Note: I was beating around the bush (no perverted thoughts please) the entire review. I just didnt want to go out and say the map sucks, but since Cata said it himself, Im gonna say it here. "This map stinks"

User comments:
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Cube Cube

Comment: 75% of the level is grass and rock textures. The bases have a fair ammount of texture detail though. Nothing really impressed me here, and no, Im not going to do another disturbing "bland" reference.

Cube Cube

Comment: A couple of bases with a big outdoor area separating them. Some decent expansion areas for builders are provided. The open playing field is great for Humans, but the trimesh helps the Spiders out as well. Wraiths will love this.

Cube Cube

Comment: Its nothing spectacular, but not many people persue tri-mesh landscape like this. The Alien base has some interesting visuals though.

Cube Cube

Comment: A decent map in my opinion. Should be great for large games, but it just seems kind of boring.
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