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Review of The Refinery
"A Beauty of a Map, with One Hell of a Layout....."
Map Name   The Refinery (refine6.bsp)
Map Version   1.2
Map Author   Llurk
Download (0.81mb)
Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Sat Feb 3 18:15:22 2001
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

Wow! What a change in pace! The last map from Llurk, Crash Landing at Sector 7 Power Station , was I guess just practice for this map. I immediately smiled when I first booted up this map, and that smile grew by solid inches as I kept exploring. I guess I probably looked like a goof with that big of a smile on my face, but I didnt care.

This map has a great, solid look and feel to it. The industrial style texturing and layout work very well, and the architecture does nothing but compliment that. The lighting is set to a light mood, but its not too bright, and the textures somewhat help the Spiders to blend into their surroundings, making a harder target. Little details here and there help keep the map from becoming too boring, such as some excellent rockwork, nice use of pipework, and even some computer consoles strewn throughout. He could have left these out and let the texturing cover all the detail, and he'd still get a great score...

The layout is fantastic. I myself still havent got it totally covered, but it is great. Relocation spots throughout, and superb connectivity. The playing field is level, which many players agree is the best type of field to play on. There are not many things to get caught on, as there is an open feel to the map, but the numerous corners and turns give the Spiders many chances for ambushes. Many people complain that this map is too complicated, but really once you find yourself the direct routes, it shouldnt be hard to remember the side-paths around the level. The spawn placement is set well, although the Humans might want to pack up and relocate as soon as they can. The Spiders are situated in a nice spot, with a couple ways to get out. In the first version of this map, there were many, many, MANY doors connecting the level, but since Im reviewing the revision, all of the doors have been removed by Llurk. There are no real stacking spots to hide spawns, but this makes the map all the more intense, as you cant just toss your spawns in some invulnerable spot and be safe for the rest of the game. I could go on and on, but I should start wrapping up.

The R_Speeds? What R_Speeds? Incredibly, this map keeps the framerate low despite its size. Careful design must have been done in order to make this map. I seriously think Llurk spent a lot of time researching and calculating the design specs of this map. I know he's done some previous maps, but they hardly put a dent in this masterpiece of a map he has done. If you feel that the recent Gloom maps are of low quality, then this must be (no relation to Aladdin) a diamond in the rough.

Excellent job Llurk. Ive been waiting to award this Seal of Approval ever since I mustered up the will to review this grand map, and Im pleased to award it to you.

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