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Review of Delta Research Center
"A small map with limited possibilities...."
Map Name   Delta Research Center (deltarc.bsp)
Map Version   1.0
Map Author   Darkiller
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Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Sat Jan 20 12:37:08 2001
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

Delta RC is a small map, reminding me of Base Slaughter (also done by Darkiller), and after Lost Base, I guess DK decided that smaller maps were his forte.

The architecture and the lighting are very well done, featuring some eye-candy and "destroyed" brushwork. The map sets a nice mood. Texture allignment is done really well from what Ive seen, and the texturing was chosen well to set the theme of a "research center", although I see nothing close to how Quake2's research center was (which was fabulous).

The layout is as simple as it can get. A large room with many ledges and a central HUB fill the upper level, and within the HUB you can access the basement level where the Spiders inhabit. You can also reach the basement via the two rooms outlining the permimeter of the upper level. The bases seem well placed, but the map appears to be a death arena for the Humans. Winding corridors run throughout this level, providing a good way for Spiders to surprise anyone with an around-the-corner ambush. The Humans, though, can reach the high ledges on the upper level, and set up a very good defense if the engy is quick (and smart). The games on this map should last a good while..

Delta RC is a mildly good map. From the games Ive played on it, many of the Human players complained that the map was way too Spider-Oriented, and I can see that the Spider team may have an easier time at winning this map. But, Im somewhat certain that a well-planned Human attack on the main Spider base would probably break the ice. Nice job DK.

User comments:
a very small map, the only chance either team have is to get up on the outsi... - R1CH [more]
We have some good fights in the center area. - Gryt

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Cube Cube Cube

Comment: The texturing was about par. I liked how he alligned even the sloped brushes, and some of the special texturing uses near the spider base were pretty interesting.

Cube Cube

Comment: This is probably the lowest point of the map. Basically two stories, the top one being a large hub with ledges and the bottom layer is laced with many corridors. Many places to hide behind, and base relocation spots are far and between.

Cube Cube

Comment: It might say "Research Center", but it is definately just a plain old base. I wish mappers would get some sense of imagination and maybe stray from the usual baseq2 texture set.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Well, it is a mildly fun map, but it seems as though the map is geared toward the Spiders. However, a fast-acting Human team may be able to pull a victory off. A recommended map...
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