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Review of Ore Processing
"A juicy morsel of a map with plenty of interactivity...."
Map Name   Ore Processing (ore1.bsp)
Map Author   The Pyro
Download (2.11mb)
Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Fri Jun 1 06:10:41 2001
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

Holy christ. The Pyro, responsible for many superb maps in this mod, has unleashed the beast this time. Ore Processing is a blast to play as well as to look at. This is the kind of map quality that you rarely see in Gloom usually, and I hope it motivates some of the newer mappers to aim higher.

First and foremost, the visuals. If youve kept track of Pyro's work, its the norm basically, except for the outside areas. I was really surprised to see a quality outside area when first booting up this map. It sets a nice mood too, making you believe you are actually going into an Ore Processing plant. The rest of the level is decorated accordingly as well, with supply rooms, conveyor belts, smelting devices, and ventilation systems. The lighting is superb as well, being appropriately dark in the Spider Base, and primarily brighter throughout the rest of the level.


The layout is probably one of the best Ive seen in recent memory. There are plenty of places to move a base to, and the connectivity in the level prevents chokepoints (thought there are still some). The flow is constant, and once you get the layout down, youll be zipping around the map in no-time. The ventilation and sewer systems are nice ways to move around, being a Spider or Human, but they only open after pre-planned events, and Im about to get to those shortly.

The interactivity in this level is amazing. This is not a mission map, but like Pyro said, there are mission elements mixed in through the use of special entities. Some of the things worth mentioning are buttons to add extra building points by a control point method (meaning keep the button pressed for your team for an alloted ammount of time), break-away passages leading to extra points, switches that can give a defeated team a brand new base in seconds flat (the "2nd Wave" button, as I like to call it), coke machines that give out frags every other minute, and plenty more. These are all gimmicks, yes, and we all know how people can mis-treat special tricks and have them serve no real purpose in the map (tspace2), but Pyro has made these advancements (they arent gimmicks here) almost vital to gameplay. Some, if not most, of these advancements support teamplay, the basis of Gloom gameplay, which is a joy to see.

Winding down, the r_speeds are thankfully low, considering the size of this level. Though, I never really have to worry about r_speeds if its a map from someone who has as much experience like Pyro. Thank you for considering the low-enders Pyro. Anyway, now that Im done, I guess its time to award this map with the GMD Seal of Approval, yes? I thought so! Great map Pyro. I hope there is still more to come.

User comments:
Gotta love that coke machine! - StRyKeR
Pyro's Maps Own... He is My Biggest Influence In Gloom Mapping - {DaRk}Defiler
I want to get on Pyro. - Xenoid
Glad to see Pyro is back in the biz, and damn is he ever - Carcinogen
Yes Defiler, we saw that "influence" in hive_se, hehe (joke).... - Saig
cant dload it - dood
a bit too colourfull for me, but deserves its 4/4 - ValouR
Wow look at my old response I was an ass. - Xenoid1
Was? - MajorPain

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Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Great usage of textures here, both from the original set and some brand new textures straight from The Pyro himself. Can you say 4 cubes? I know I can!

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: The layout is absolutely fantastic. Plenty of ways to get around, secret routes, stacking spots, a well thought-out ventilation system. Hell yes, 4 cubes ahoy!

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: A buttload of interactivity, interesting and diverse design, nifty outdoor areas, gameplay-enhancing gimmicks, creepy atmosphere. Im getting kind of used to this...4 cubes indeed!

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Theres really nothing more to say about this map than to go get it immediately. Im serious, stop reading this review and go get it! 4 cubes all the way!
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