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Review of Space Bace
"Is this really an entire map?"
Map Name   Space Bace (spacebace.bsp)
Map Author   Satannum
Download (0.35mb)
Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Sun Jul 29 07:45:37 2001

Seeing as how I have been reviewing simply horrible maps the past weeks, I decided to break the chain this time. Space Bace is a really, really small map. I don't even think this should count as a complete map, though, it has some decent visuals.

The architecture is sloppy, but on par. Lots of little touches add flavor to the map, and light fixtures are placed thoughtfully. The textures were chosen well, but just slapped onto the brushes it seems. The lighting was done very well actually. It's very easy to find your way around the map, and you can clearly see everything.

The layout is a different story though. It is way to cramped in here, and the level itself takes about 30 seconds to run around completely. This is not good, really not good. Sure, if youre playing a small game with a few people, it might provide some fast and furious gameplay, but even then its going to be a pain in the ass because there is only one entrance to the Human base. The Human base alone is about the biggest load of crap I've ever seen. Actually, I take that back, its the SMALLEST load of crap I've ever seen. How do you expect people to take this map seriously anyway? One stalker bumrush and the map is over. Even if the stalker bumrush doesnt come, Humans will have one hell of a time trying to win this map. No fun.

R_speeds are what you'd expect from a map like this. Nowhere in this level peaked even remotely high in the wpoly range, though, if youve ever tried to play this map with more than 10 people, you can expect the epoly's to rise well above into 4 digits. I guess I cant complain too much though, since Im not really supposed to go by epoly counts, so no big deal. Nice r_speeds.

Though Satannum begged me to review his map, I was a bit hesitant to do it. I have to deliver the cold hard facts though. Space Bace might be fun for a quick game with few people, like early in the morning, but anything over 8 players is chaotic. I cant really reccommend this map, but various people out there claim that it has some potential. I dont know what they are smoking, but if I ever get a hold of it, Ill probably see just what the hell the big deal is.

User comments:
it gets a 3 instead of 1 because of the review :D - Keitek
Very small, and unoriginal. Cubes galore. Been there.. done that - ComeToFragy
I think we need a Rate-O-Review™ for Keitek... - Norfenstein
As Saig said, this map should not be played by more than 8 players. Didn... - Satannum [more]
Stannum, like i've said to other small maps, WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING ... - Ranger [more]
Gloom20 is on onecall and i like it *thumbs up to ranger* - minisavage

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Cube Cube

Comment: I thought the textures were chosen fairly well. Not great, but mediocre. Lighting was alright though. Considering the size of the map, I would have expected some better quality at the least.


Comment: This map is small....incredibly small. Not only in size, but in scale too. This cant be the entire map, can it? Honestly, its terrible.

Cube Cube

Comment: Little details here and there do add a bit of life into the map. Every room in this map (all 4 of them) is vibrant with visuals; though, the quality of the visuals is another story.

Cube Cube

Comment: While it is somewhat nice to look at, Space Bace is a bit too small to really support a game like Gloom. Small games, like 3on3, might be a possibility though.
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