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Review of Planet Gloom
"Giant Mountain....Spiders Inside....Sound Fun? "
Map Name   Planet Gloom (planetgloom-c.bsp)
Map Author   Sul
Web page   Click here.
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Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Sun May 20 23:06:11 2001

Sul showed everyone this map when he first started working on it. Everyone, including myself were thinking how great it looked. Though I never thought about the gameplay it would provide, I knew it would look damn cool, and hoped to see the full version soon.

Well, the full version has been released, and its not quite what I hoped for. First off, the thing that I liked most about this map was the architecture and tri-mesh. The mountain itself is a great job of mapping. It was probably tough making a map like this, and I applaud Sul for the great visuals. But, thats where it all goes downhill...

You see, the goal of the map is to kill the other team. Well, yea thats the same as all other Gloom maps, as well as the point of Gloom itself, but in this map you must do it in a 20 minute time window if you choose to go Human. If you go Spider, you either hold off the Humans for 20 minutes, or nuke the communication beacon on top of the Marine Drop Pod. Silly, but sounds good in theory. Unfortunately, a few games on this map proved me wrong.

Through the entire 20 minutes that you play this map (if the game even goes that long), you will see: 1-Humans firing constantly at the cave opening; or 2-Aliens swarming the drop pod and locking the Humans in. Sure, the invulnerable turret does keep Aliens out of the pod, but it doesnt keep them from setting up camp at the front door. The fog in the cave itself is particularly annoying. I cant remember if the fog is still purple and obnoxious, or bright pink and even more obnoxious. That is the point however, to annoy the Humans, and make them spam even more grenades than they usually do. I tire of this.

I cant say PlanetGloom is a bad map, I mean it looks great, but after trying to REALLY play the map, Im convinced Ill never download it again.

User comments:
mmm, but it uses my l33t new ents ! - R1CH
So do test maps, but they dont get critical acclaim! - Saig
Aside from the Spam'a'thon, It can be fun... - StRyKeR
Except for the spam, it's good. Very beautiful work on the mountain. - Xenoid
You got to give it credit for layout... Where have you seen a layo... - {DaRk}Defiler [more]
The map looks WICKED, but to many lamers spam ! - Devil
One problem is the humans have nothing to balance against a stalker. - Pubu
Gameplay is OK but I just <3 that uber score at the end :P - Sgt. Pain

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Cube Cube

Comment: Not much variety in terms of textures. The pod looks great though, the rest is just rocks and ground.


Comment: Layout? What layout? Its just a big rock, hollowed out with Spiders inside, and the Humans on top in their pod.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Well shit, cmon, where have you seen something like this before huh? Yes its creative as hell.

Cube Cube

Comment: I dont really like this map. Others may like it, but I just find it pointless other than to look at the nice tri-mesh mountain and phong shade pod.
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