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Review of Fear of the Dark
"Dark, Disturbing, and One Big Mistake..."
Map Name   Fear of the Dark (hive_se.bsp)
Map Version   4/23/01
Map Author   {DaRk}Defiler
Web page   Click here.
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Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Thu Jun 27 16:24:22 2002

After reading Suls description of this map off the news page, you might think "Hey it probably looks cool then!". Ho ho ho, big mistake. Sul was just trying to be nice while describing the map, so as to not hurt Defilers feelings. Thats my job now, so sorry if it gets personal.

Ok, Im going to go out and say it. This map is fucking UGLY. I dont care if the author is relatively new to mapping or not, this thing is an absolute abomination to the retinas. Ok, the Human ship looked kind of intersting, and was done with some sort of ambition, but the rest of the level looks rushed...severely rushed. Square brushes abound with a half-hearted lighting job. Darkness swallows up this map, with light entities spaced sporatically. Once you walk into the Spider base, however, the shit hits the fan. Blaring red lights shoot out of a large brush that has been carved up worse than a raped prostitute. This is supposedly the "hive". You can walk inside and whatnot, then throw yourself on an obstacle to escape the terror. Once youre done with that, step back and take a look skyward. Brushes totally disproportionate to the wall simply hang there, placid and lifeless. Think its over? Ahhh you kidding? Defiler went as far as to use the Sun feature that Arghrad provides. It worked really well from what I could see; take a look for yourself. Aint it lovely?


The layout is simple. It goes like this: Human Base --> Big Room --> Two Hallways --> Long Slimy Hallway --> Spider Base. The Human base leads to the big room (with spikes jutting everywhere). That room has two hallways leading to the same long slimy hallway, which in turn leads to the Spider base. Chokepoints ahoy matey! Oh yea, and if you really want to see the rest of the map, see if you can find the secret area in that screenshot there. No cheating!

The r_speeds are not too bad, until you view the Spider base. I cant imagine how many faces were split in that one area, and Im afraid to even TRY to use gl_showtris in there. The author said he tried to fix to r_speeds as best as he could, but some areas had to be high in r_speeds due to design issues. Sorry to say, but the whole map IS a design issue.

Defiler, I know you were asking for a review, and I damn well gave it to you. I suggest trying harder, and not using Qoole. Though you may be accustomed to it, other editors are more powerful and versatile. I have nothing else to say really except "Better luck next time chum".

User comments:
it's looking amazing and very creative (carving tool omg lol)gameplay is some... - Sul [more]
SaiG, I would like to say that you are WAY OFF BASE! but I cant... ... - {DaRk}Defiler [more]
lol, reading this in mozilla your name looks like {Dork}defiler :) - R1CH
It nice like the rest.... - (ST)Knuckles
the hive at the alien base looks awesome! - Krybosis

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Average rating for Fear of the Dark: 3.4/10


Total: 22 ratings

Comment: One texture used throughout the caves, but the Human ship had some texture variation. The lighting, much like HOB's map, deserves "EXTRA" special mention.


Comment: The layout is really basic. Only one entrance to the Spider base, meaning chokepoint city. Same goes for the entrance to the Human base. Difficult terrain to traverse in some areas. There is another part to this map, and that is discussed in the main review.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Holy shit this thing is crazy. The Human ship is nuts, and the "thing" in the Spider base is a carve-function nightmare. DEFINITELY CREATIVE THOUGH!


Comment: Even a revision couldnt save this map I believe. I shook my head the entire time I played it, as well as the entire time I reviewed it. Id pick it up just to see how crazy it is though.
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