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Review of Infested Forest
"It's got trees!"
Map Name   Infested Forest (inf-forest.bsp)
Map Author   ComeToFragy
Download (1.14mb)
Reviewer   Cataclaw
Reviewed on   Fri Aug 3 05:25:27 2001


When i connected to OneCall and discovered yet another.. *sigh* new map, i was hoping, no, praying, it would be playable. With the surge of "less-than-great" maps recently *cough* slimeways *cough* i was worried Infested Forest would be another bad map. To further fuel my worries, i noticed ComeToFragy was the author, and as his first released gloom map, to be honest i wasn't expecting much from a first-time mapper. Luckily, the map turned out to be quite interesting.

Visually, the map isn't stunning. In fact, it's quite down-right ugly in a lot of areas. Sloppy brushwork has left holes, cracks and gives the impression that the map was made in 2 hours. (Even rush hour didn't have problems like these) The trees look like lollipops, the lighting is horrible, vis glitches are scattered around the map and proper sounds are non existent.However... i'm assuming this is ComeToFragy's first gloom map, so this is perfectly understandable.

So it's not a masterpiece in brushwork and texturing, but is it fun to play? That's what counts, after all. The answer? Damn straight. The map is a forest, which means it's entirely outside, and i love outside maps. (TheNest, anyone?) Whether you're a fan of outdoor maps or not, a game on InfestForest will surely be different than a game of Gloom5 because of it's outdoor nature. It's a refreshing break from all the high-tech futuristic maps being played on onecall. This is just.. a forest! It's never been done in gloom before and for that alone 4 cubes for originality are earned.


Summary: Infested-Forest is an interesting, fun to play map. Visually, it's butt-ugly, but hey, that's not always what counts. This map is no Sseleman or Infest Caverns, but for a first map, ComeToFragy's is great.

User comments:
Quake 1 textures methinks...Still In the 3 times I've played this map all... - StRyKeR [more]
Anyone else notice the bad pathing of textures? - Millsy
I reckon it's brilliant, very origional loads of potential, keep working on it! - Jimmy
I like it. The visuals are "different" at least, variety is the spice of lif... - R1CH [more]
If CTF can have Sul or some leet mapper to help clean up the map flaws an... - RipFlex [more]
Yes, leet wraith map. More tree's please :) - Chrono
A very good wraith map just make it bigger for the wraiths ;) - Knuckles
I stole HOB's slime portals! - CometoFragy
No, i gave them voluntarily, as he is so sexy. - HOB
Never seen trees with grass and rocks in them. Very odd... - Saig
Thumbs up cuz the bird wav makes me feel like I'm outside, and I'm to... - Norfenstein [more]
Bird sound smilingly ripped from teamfortress's map 2fort5 - Gryt
did they cut down most of the forest or somthing.... i see 3 trees in a s... - kamiman [more]
Stalkers have too much an advantage. All they do is camp outside hummies'. - God
pfft, i cream myself everytime i play this map... - Spoon
No! Evil crappy map! - Devil Warrior
Devil Warrior is right, there is that ledge on those ruins that, to use a ... - Ranger [more]

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Average rating for Infested Forest: 6.2/10


Total: 27 ratings

Comment: I'll include brushwork in the textures category, as i always do. Well, visually, the map isn't exactly breathtaking. The trees look like lollipops and the brushwork is quite sloppy. However, 1 cube for the nifty custom textures.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: The map's visuals may not be amazing, but the layout is functional. Some areas don't seem to make much sense and seem tacked on, but overall the layout is good.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Creativity you say? This map has got that, and then some. It's a.. forest map. Well not quite a forest, but it's got trees and with them a functional theme. I can honestly say this is the best forest map for gloom (it's also the only one) and because of that, 4 cubes for creativity.

Cube Cube

Comment: I believe this is ComeToFragy's first gloom map, and it's a good first map. Visual and design flaws asside, this map should provide an interesting gloomy experience. Plus, haven't you always wanted to hide up in a tree as a hatchy, waiting for your next victim?
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