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Review of Zeqet Erelium
"Disco Mania! wh00t!"
Map Name   Zeqet Erelium (speed.bsp)
Map Version   1.0
Map Author   R1CH
Web page   Click here.
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Reviewer   Satannum
Reviewed on   Mon Aug 27 09:26:48 2001


This map is glooms worst nightmare. When I was playing this map over a LAN, my eye started to do weird stuff after 5 minutes or so. They started to twitch, roll back into my sockets and such. I nearly got an epileptic attack too! The damn lighting looks kinda like a rainbow. R1CH used all known colours, maybe he even invented afew. Maybe? Make that probally.

Layout is a total wreck. Spiders get camped to death with only 2 exits, one which can only be reached by wraiths or an insane amount of hatchy grappling. The other leads to a teleport. The exit, you guessed it, has been booby trapped by zillions of turrets. And if the spiders are quick enough they can jump into the wind tunnel of death and sneak to the back entrance to the disco land!

The humans have one big disco land to build upon. It even has cool music eminating from the void! (It's there somewhere in the middle) The humans have two base options: 1) Spam the spider teleporter exit with turret stacks. 2) Mine jump themselves up on the ledge and drop a few hundred turrets there and enjoy the scenery.

Gameplay is bollocks. A HT gives the spiders some presents, creating a gibbage frenzy. Then the exterm comes in and mops the rest up with his grenades. The spiders have no chance to win this map if the humans use common sense. Maybe if they spam the teleporter with breeders they could make it to the wind tunnel of death and lay a few obstacles. Either way this map will probally lead to a stalemate.

R1CH did two good things. R_SPEEDS are low but with a map like this R_SPEEDS don't make up for the rest. It also features a ceiling egg! [SARCASM]WOW![/SARCASM]

R1CH, stay away from map editors. Go make gloom balanced. And what were you using when mapping in the 3 hours of fun? Speed?

This Abomination can cause epileptic attacks. After 5 minutes of playing this map take atleast 1 hour of rest for your fragile eyes. This is a serious warning. Don't even start this map. Don't even think of it...

This was my first review. I tried to stay fair. Even after the $1.000+ eye surgery to get them back into place (Thank you R1CH), i tried to remain fair.
Hope you like this review.

User comments:
this map is the best, i like the lighting, and good ambience! - Player
I agree, the lighting is colorful. - Cataclaw
who is r1ch? - newbie #2
i added some divx "previews". doesn't it look nice? - r1ch
I wish I had epilepsy, So I could sue you. - Ghost
Screw You For Judging Me - MuNrOe
Map gives spasms - Me
Heh Rating -4 ORFL!@~~ ROTFLMAOTTF~~ - Ranger

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Average rating for Zeqet Erelium: -1/10


Total: 55 ratings

Comment: Due to R1CH having problems with his map editor he couldn't use standard baseq2 textures, so he started the speedmapping contest with only the gloom textures. 1 cube for the texturing, 0 cubes (awful) only goes to Real-Piles-O-Shit(tm).


Comment: Bad R1CH, BAAAD R1CH. Layout looks like Spiders get camped to death with only 2 exits. Humans have one big Disco land to build upon. Yes it really is a fricking disco with lights and cool music. NOT.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Okay, who could think of such an abomination? Only R1CH is possible to make this shit. I must say, this is one creative map, not to mention original.


Comment: Baaaaaaaad. BAAAAAAAD. R1CH should stick to coding and never ever EVER touch or come near a map editor. I wonder what R1CH was doing in those 3 hours.....
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