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Review of GloomXL
"a small map with similar architecture to the Q2 missions"
Map Name   GloomXL (gloomxl.bsp)
Map Version   14. 2. 2000
Map Author   ProdigyXL
Web page   Click here.
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Reviewer   R1CH
Reviewed on   Wed Mar 15 00:36:35 2000

My first impression of this map was that it sucked. It looked too bright and small. But after a few games, I began to change my mind. Sure, the human base is bright and colorful, but this seems to be the standard these days. One thing that did catch my eye is the great texturing. The map was eyecandy to me (at least on my TNT2), I especially liked the use of colored textures and lighting.

Gameplay on this map is fast and fierce, if you know the right routes, base to base time is less than 20 seconds. One thing I did find a bit annoying was the lack of places to move a base to, in particular the humans do not start with much in the way of defence.

Overall this isn't a bad map, but there are a few gameplay issues (mainly the small size, it doesn't really work too well on onecall24) and the lack of suitable base sizes annoys me, but still this is a playable map.

User comments:
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It can be fun at times...but I consider it a "Part of a map" map:) - Saig
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Bah! I like this map, go to hell all :) - Carcinogen
A well-made map that is just too small for most games. - ThePyro
sorry, but this is still one of my fav maps. a 5-6 minuite blast of fun :) - Galldrin {MaF}
cool review - Jasmin

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Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: I really liked the look of this map. The textures were standard Quake 2 ones, and the lighting and color scheme went with them well.

Cube Cube

Comment: A bit small for my liking, but a good layout. Two ways to each base, although not much in the way of relocation areas.


Comment: Room, corridors, room, more corridors...

Cube Cube

Comment: A small map which encourages fierce competition, but with too many players this can become unbearable.
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