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Review of MSD Nuclear Industry
"Read the fucking README."
Map Name   MSD Nuclear Industry (msdni.bsp)
Map Version   a
Map Author   R.E.X and Sul
Web page   Click here.
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Reviewer   Satannum
Reviewed on   Tue Aug 28 17:48:38 2001
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

This map was created by the man who brought you the gloom models and one of glooms most known mappers: Rex and Sul. This joint operation has concocted one of the most intruiging maps ever. This mission map guarantees hours of fun.

Let's dig up the story behind this map shall we? "Alien intruder caused an emergency power down of the main MSD Nuclear Industries reactor. MSD troops are going in to avoid further damage." Sounds simple? NO. This map, unlike other gloom maps, requires teamplay and you to use your unused big gray mass in your head called a "Brain".

The objective of this map for the humans is to save the reactor core and prevent further contamination! They must stop the reactor from blowing up by keeping the containment field powered. The spiders must try to drain the containment field so that one of them can heroically sacrifice itself in the reactor causing it to go BOOOM. Also the first spider that jumps in the spark, receives a nice 10 frags and 200 points! After a spider has thrown itself in the reactor the emergency exits open and a breeder must try to escape in 2 mins. The containment field toggle button lies directly outside the spiders base so the containment field is draining 90% of the time. OR the humans can just annihilate all the spiders.

The spiders can also try to destroy the computer core node with a stalker. Doing this shuts down the forcefield so that a spider can jump in the reactor, starting the 2 min countdown.

The layout is unique. The humans base is connected to the central hub, which is connected to the Reactor room by 3 bulkheads. The spider base lies adjacent to the reactor room. The bulkheads can only be opened by the humans. To open a bulkhead you need to push the request button. When pressed, it sends a signal to the control room to let anybody in it know somebody wants to enter. There has to BE somebody in the control room though. Then he/she can open the door for you. The Escape zone can be turret spammed making it harder for the spiders to reach freedom.

R_speeds are.... uhm... sometimes kinda high.... I saw it hit the 4 digits once. BAD. I tested this map on a p200 (wh00t I beat Saig!!) and it ran quite good though. E_poly counts might rise because everybody duels it out in the reactor room.

Textures are "okay" they are good enough though. They look a bit dull and plain. Sometimes it was boring to see the same texture over and over. The overall light value of this map is pretty high for gloom standards making it hard for the spiders to hide. Also the map is pretty spacious.

This map can be quite confusing at the start, even when you have read the readme. Once you have played this map a few times you'll understand it. It was nice to see such a mission map for gloom and i hope other mappers will be inspired to create their own mission maps for a change. Or at least some extra objectives for both teams to add to the fun factor.

User comments:
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map kiem the - khai

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Cube Cube

Comment: Textures look "okay", though abit uncreative. There are some mis-aligned textures here and there. Nothing much to worry about.

Cube Cube

Comment: Layout is OK. Its basically the human area and the sealed spider base with 3 pathways between them.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Creative? Hell YES! Although lots of gloomers are going to whine that they understand shit about the map. I would like to see more mission maps like these

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Good map, fairly large. Requires Teamplay what some players lack... It is nice to see another mission map.
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