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Review of Siege SE Final
"Can't be described in words..."
Map Name   Siege SE Final (siegese_v3.bsp)
Map Version   Ver 3 / 8-23-2001
Map Author   Chrono
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Reviewer   Cataclaw
Reviewed on   Mon Aug 27 10:30:24 2001

When i first looked at Siege SE, i puked. Then i looked at Siege SE v2 and puked again. Now with Siege SE v3 Final, i've decided to take a serious look at the map and hey, it's not all that bad. In fact this map is superior to Siege is almost every way.

But first, the bad stuff.. the lighting, oooh the lighting. I'm used to dark maps, since i am using a voodoo2 which is dark in nature, not to mention i have a 5 year old semi-burnt out monitor, but geez. This map is DARK, i'm certain some areas have literally NO lighting at ALL, only small 16x16 light brushes guide your way. However, in the two base areas and the "blue" corridors in between them, there is barely enough lighting, so it is playable. Chrono, let Sul teach you how to use _wait to extend your lights over a great distance. Because of the extreme darkness, i'm tempted to say this is a spiders map, but i've seen humans do well on previous versions of Siege SE.

Now the good stuff.. while the map is fugly, it's quite playable. Both starting bases are human oriented (the ladders and multi-level), but due to the extreme darkness spiders can manage. In the outside, the vast, mostly flat ground favors humans, but also wraiths. Again, because it's dark, spiders can usually creep around. So in terms of balance, it's all good.

Now the essentials are covered, let's talk about nifty extras :D And there are lots of them. A nice "middle" base with an RxN coke machine, but one unlike any other. This one doesn't exactly dispense frags ;) I'll let you explore and find out what it does. Evil chrono, very evil. Oh, and here's a little text snip i took out from siegese_v3.txt, the incredible story behind Siege SE Final. In fact, i officially declare this the best storyline for a map ever in gloom. Congratulations Chrono!

Taken from SiegeSE_v3.txt
Fearing the breederhouse (only those whom played the orignal SiegeSE would know what I was referring to) the humans destroyed it and in doing so, rid it of its evil, magical, healing powers. Afterwards, the humans obliterated all alien presence in the area except for a single breeder in which they captured. Not wanting anything to do with the empty, infested, alien castle the humans *began* construction on an enormous wall and managed to build a specially designed (or not) breeder pen. Why would humans want to keep the last remaining breeder alive? (Arrogance? Stupidity? Maybe they just wanted to cuddle up to that cute blue-eyed breeder??)

(Unsurprisingly) The breeder managed to escape from his evil breeder pen. One would think he could easily stack over the fence but he wasn't too bright. Rather, he used his leet breeder horn and "busted out"... (although his horn takes off a meager 2(?) damage to most human classes, erm.. it took off extra leet damage to the fencing.. erm... nevermind)

(note: Afterwards, the breeder thought up a way to put his evil pen to proper use.. >:))

Overall, it's ugly and dark but it's playable and fun. Not to mention it has some.. er, extra "features". *grin*. A nice upgrade to Siege SE. Get it!

Well after talking to Chrono i decided to run the map in quake2 deathmatch (which has no intensity caps) and ran in a normal brightness mode. I checked the map again and it wasn't as dark as i had said in my review.. It's still VERY dark in some areas, but it's not as bad as i had stated originally. Now if only R1CH could raise the intensity cap to 3 for people with Voodoo2's somehow(which produces very dark images)...

User comments:
Breedar PEN ALL THE WAY!!!!. Good review - Satannum
I like dropping laser deathballs into the pit just for extra evil fun >:) - Saig
Start reviewing more maps, Saig! *whips Saig* :) - Cataclaw
I admit, it is one of the darker maps of gloom. I find it more fun that w... - Chrono [more]
well, those breeders are s3xY ! - kaamiman
U Own at everything Chrono! Good Job - QtLe23
siegesefinal roXors! :o :o kthxbye~ - seeds.
y3, tis m4pz0r rux0rz100k 4t3 /\/\3, I [4n 5u[k up 2 - Tween
Fear the Samsung 750s!Why pay more then 150 bucks for a screen? - Gryt
This has to be the ugliest playable map to date - Carc
Crap Map! - [BBG]Devil
Sexy.. very sexy. - PeSTiCiDE
Seschy - Xenoid
sounded scaryis this a test to study utah counties - jazmine

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Comment: Textures and brushwork... well, *cough*, this obviously's isn't Chrono's mapping strength. First of all, you can hardly see the textures because there is so little lighting in some areas.. i think i'll just stop there.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Surprisingly, the layout is rather functional.. really functional, in fact, as visually ugly as this map is, i like the layout for it's simplicity. More info in body text.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Only Chrono could create a map like this.. *grin* I just love the "RxN Coke Machine Trap of Death"(tm). Evil, very evil. Although the layout is good, as mentioned earlier, one cube deducted in creativity for the simplistic (but functional) layout.

Cube Cube

Comment: Overall, this map is a great big glob of evil lovin'. That's about all i can say :) Don't be fooled by the butt-ugly visuals and extreme darkness, it's an interesting. Could use a 4th revision (with more lighting!)
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