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Review of Siege SE Final
"Dark, Evil, and drags on just as long as the first Siege..."
Map Name   Siege SE Final (siegese_v3.bsp)
Map Version   Ver 3 / 8-23-2001
Map Author   Chrono
Download (.71mb)
Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Sun Sep 2 08:44:31 2001

I know Chrono did a SiegeSE just to get under my skin. Honestly it didnt surprise me much. Knowing it would be his first map though, I knew I would have a grand time ridiculing and poking fun at Chrono, but it really didnt turn out that way after some careful consideration.

First off, the visuals. Yes, they suck. There is absolutely no texture variation what-so-ever. You get the same walls, the same ground, and the same...platforms. Its all boring to look at honestly, but I wouldve expected this much from a first time map. Chrono tried to spruce up the terrain a bit, and succeeded for the most part, but its still just a bunch of boxes. The lighting, how shall I put this, is suitable for the layout. Its like looking out your window, and seeing that a streetlight in your neighborhood has just burned out. Then you notice just how much difference that damn little light made. Ive already covered the texturing on the side moving on....

The layout is perhaps the most interesting (and evil) part of the level. Basically its two enormous towers on different sides of a giant dividing wall. The Human side is lit fairly well, while the Spider side is pitch black. Also on each side are numerous "extremely high" platforms that nobody can really reach except HTs and Kamis, as well as areas hidden behind masked walls. All of these elements are evil in their own way, and make the map a bit more frustrating to play. The gargantuan wall between the two bases is where all the shit goes down though. Its not at all like how the original Siege was (thank god), but it still drags on forever, yet both sides seem to enjoy themselves (unlike the original Siege). At least Chrono made something better than Siege, thats all Im saying really. Everything aside, thank you for not copying that fucking horrible, attrocious, venomous layout that is siege.bsp Chrono. Really, if you did just take the old layout and make it "Special Edition", you would have seen me shout out about 100% more explitives than Ive already used in this review already.

Anyway, the layout also scores Chrono some originality points. Nobody really tried a layout like this before, so kudos for that. Yes, I did give Chrono 4 creativity cubes, not only for the layout, but for the little tidbits he threw in. The infamous "Lava Trik" (reference to goodfun.bsp) is always fun to watch when someone falls for it for the first time. Going to get a refreshing RxN Cola? Too bad sucker, youre going for a dip in @deathball lava. Also hilarious was the "extra" cheesy story of the breeder house. It wasnt really necessary to provide a story as to why there are 4 tilted brushes sitting in the middle of the map with a spotlight on them, but I guess Chrono needed some explaination for the Healer pool (though he didnt explain it worth shit really, har har).

The r_speeds are relatively fine. There isnt much detail in the map, so theres your reason. The large outdoor playing fields do have a nasty side effect though. Since the fields are so open, you can see just about damn near everyone playing the game at one time or another, usually bringing my system down to a crawl (its not hard to do that with my system). Hello Mr. E_poly counter! How high do you want to go today? 3000? 4000?

In the end, I have to give Chrono credit. He took the time to create something he thought would be fun to play, and worked to make it that way. It didnt turn out to be crap, but it didnt turn out to be...well..."great". Its decent at best, and good for a late-night game with about 10 or so players. You could throw a 32 player fragfest at it, and probably get some great action too, but I wouldnt be playing as I know the fps I would get would be lower than browsing through one of Sul's maps.

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Comment: What? I couldnt really notice the textures masked behind the darkness. You get one cube for aligning the RxN Cola machine right, and for the breeder textures in "Teh Lava Trik". The rest of the textures are extremely bland.

Cube Cube

Comment: Well, honestly I thought that the layout wouldnt work worth a shit. It surprised me. It provides balanced games nearly every time, and usually drags out to time that good? Basically its a fight over a chokepoint.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Chrono gets 4 cubes for branching out on the originality here. The entire story of the "Breeder House" fits nicely, and the layout itself is something never seen before. "Teh Lava Trik" is also ghoulishly sinister.

Cube Cube

Comment: I have to give Chrono credit for persuing and completing a map idea, and having it turn out somewhat decent. Its not great, but at least its better than the map it was based off of.
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