January 2003

Not again... By Cataclaw - Sunday, January 26, 2003
Yesterday another speedmap competition was held on Edge IRC. This time, with a twist. The five participating mappers were randomly given one map segment out of a larger map design with 3 hours to complete their piece of the puzzle. When everyone was finished, I had the painful task of connecting the confusing heaps of brushwork and correcting the vis errors left behind. The result? Chem-C, by Cataclaw, HellDragon, Echon, MuteMode and Cyber_Ass. You can grab the 2.12mb file here.

MuteMode's PieceLayout of the map

speedmap contest #3 !!! By Sul - Saturday, January 25, 2003
Always when you think the evil is defeated it returns on a random day when no one expects it !
This time it manifested as a spontaneous speed map contest yesterday on edgeIRC. Many people tried to comply to the wicket theme '5', and in the end 8 maps were in an acceptable shape to be judged by a rather random jury ( Jonny and me ). It was not easy to determine a winner because all maps are great (except one). Behold the results:

WINNER: 5 moon assterhoid by Grim

WTF - What the five? by Cataclaw

Evil Breeder Storage Facility by Krybosis

Cinco by Mutemode



speedr1 by R1CH

You are incorrect by Who

Get all evil in a 2.8mb zip: speedmappack3.zip

New All Map Pack By R1CH - Friday, January 17, 2003
Just finished uploading the new all map pack. It's available as a RAR file and ZIP file, the RAR being the smaller for those of you with WinRAR or similar extraction util.

ftp://ftp.planetgloom.com/maps/Gloom.All.Map.Pak.17.01.03.rar (180mb)
ftp://ftp.planetgloom.com/maps/Gloom.All.Map.Pak.17.01.03.zip (197mb)

The files are identical, just compressed differently. Once downloaded, simply extract with folders to your gloom directory. All playable maps up to the date of this news post are included.

All Map Pack Corruption By R1CH - Friday, January 17, 2003
It turns out that there is some corrupt .bsp files in the pak2.pak provided by allmappak.zip. If you have downloaded this, you may want to edit it with a pak editor such as QPed or PakExplorer to delete the corrupted files, then re-download the map from the GMD. The corrupted files are:

If you get errors like "Local map version differs from server" when trying to play the above maps, you should delete them and re-download the individual files from the GMD.

I am in the process of preparing a new allmappak which contains all maps up to the date of this post as well as correct versions of every map.

Pass the spam, would ya? By Cataclaw - Monday, January 13, 2003
Spam Box. Get the 784kb zip file here.
Everything you need to know is in the readme file.


Pass the jam, would ya? By Cataclaw - Monday, January 13, 2003
Jam is out at last. It was delayed and i apologize. (I hereby promise to never again set a deadline.) You can download the 959kb file here. While you're downloading, take a look at the screen shots for a little hint of what to expect... and no, the map has nothing to do with jam. The jokes and puns must stop now!

With jam out of the way, work will continue on STG. More updates and screen shots in just a few da-- at some undefined point in time.


CataMap(tm) Update By Cataclaw - Wednesday, January 1, 2003
Time for a fascinating look at some things i'm working on:

- Star Trek: Gloom - Announced over a year ago, STG is nearing completion. Although i have a tendency to give optmistic release dates and rarely stick to them, this one i can give you with 99% chance of success: Sometime this weekend. Here are some shots. The best stuff (bridge, engineering, etc) you'll just have to see for yourself when the map is released. [/hype]


- "JAM" (Just another map. Temporary name until i think of something better...) Another map i'm working on, almost done. This will be released a week or so after STG. Some shots:


Also coming soon:
- Cataclaw's new and improved Gloom Mapping Guide
- Updated Gloom Map of Eternity
- New wave of reviews with the first being for Industrial Waste Inc.