November 2001

And then there were articles.. By Cataclaw - Thursday, November 22, 2001
For weeks we haven't seen a new article here on the GMD, and now we get three back to back... The links are posted below. Enjoy!

Abuse! by Carcinogen
Gloom Mapping Guide by Cataclaw
Clans by Carcinogen

Also, Gryt sends word that he's working on a new gloom map. We're glad to have you mapping again. Start pumping out those maps!
Update: Gryt has finished his new map, Trashed. Grab it from the planetgloom ftp here

3 new maps from HateCrimes! By R1CH - Sunday, November 18, 2001
Yes, three new maps by HateCrimes-FAT- for your Gloomy pleasure.


Thermal at 1.9mb

Pyra Plauda

Pyra Plauda at 1.73mb


Duel at 1.62mb

I can't really say much about these maps since I'm posting here from University (hence no Quake 2) but expect these to be on OneCall sometime this coming week!

New XL map in the works... By Saig - Wednesday, November 14, 2001
ProdigyXL, a widely known mapper and creator of GloomXL (a relatively small but well recieved map), as well as a slew of Deathmatch maps, has decided to return to the Gloom scene. He has started a brand spanking new map, and this time around the map will be signifigantly larger than its predecessor (the map is called GloomXL2..go figure hehe). He only has about 1/4th of the layout currently finished, but he has much experience under his belt, and good things are expected to come. Extensive beta testing is to be conducted in order to hammer all the details out the first time around, removing any need for pesky revisions.

Since much hasnt been happening within the Gloom mapping scene lately (besides Lost World), this is great news to me. If you have any questions youd like to ask ProdigyXL, send him an e-mail here. Also be sure to swing by his website and check out some of his other works.

Lost World -->b<-- By Sul - Sunday, November 11, 2001
some small updates (final fix?), get it: Lost World (b)

Lost World By Sul - Friday, November 2, 2001
Are you lost? Then Lost World is your new home :)
Onecall's famous RX created his debut map and yes honestly this is already a master piece.