December 2000

ANOTHER new map! By R1CH - Tuesday, December 26, 2000
These mappers must be in the Christmas spirit with all these damn maps I keep having to upload everywhere.

The latest offering is "The Refinery" by Llurk. Grab it at the GMD mirror or the GMD main site. It's a wholesome 816kb.

Lostbase Final Version By R1CH - Saturday, December 16, 2000
Here is the much improved and revised version of lostbase. Grab the files from the GMD mirror or the main site. 2.09mb for j00.

Finesthour Final By Saig - Saturday, December 9, 2000
Final revision of Their Finest Hour is now available. Grab the update here or from the GMD mirror. If anyone thinks this map still needs updates, then go to hell, Im not working on it anymore.

Woo! A new map! By R1CH - Saturday, December 9, 2000
Wow! We have an all new brand spanking new map by uSm Dune, called 'tspace2'. Visit the map website to see screenshots and a storyline, or grab the 1.2mb map either from the GMD Main Site or probably quicker GMD Mirror at Here's some shots:

Bitter Falls to Siege!! By Saig - Thursday, December 7, 2000
Incredibly, Bitter has been beaten! It no longer is the worst map ever. Who KO'ed Bitter? None other than Siege. The reappearing of this map on Onecall really opened my eyes to what true evil is, and Siege is it. Basically, I reviewed Siege for your amusement, and edited Bitter to correct any errors.

Lostbase Revision By R1CH - Tuesday, December 5, 2000
Darkiller is currently revising the LostBase map, reviewed earlier by Saig. You can grab the latest beta here for having a look at and provide some feedback on the forum. Note, this version will not be being run on any servers, so its only good if you want to check out the changes, which seem nice so far.