April 2002

Dude where's my maps? By R1CH - Monday, April 15, 2002
Since so many of you keep complaining about "what where is etarc and where is doom.bsp etc" I guess you need a link to help you out.

Map Rules By R1CH - Thursday, April 11, 2002
A note to anyone wanting to make a map for Gloom. The GMD Map Rules have been updated with some new information.

Take time to read through them before you set off making a map, and be sure to follow the instructions about zip directory structure and file names before submitting a map to the GMD. It's probably a good idea to check out Cataclaw's Mapping Guide too.

Ui By Sul - Wednesday, April 10, 2002
What ?

Ui (2.8mb) is indeed the name of a new map made by 8ball. What does it mean? I don't know ! Fact is that this map is kinda small and yet very special.
But what does it make so special? new 32 bit textures all over the place, special effects and other cute surprises. This map makes you think you play another game.

UPDATE: Map repacked to fix bad directory structure, missing textures and oversized PNGs. Download again if you already downloaded it.

PS: To really see the goodness of 32 bit textures you'll need SulGloom from sul.planetgloom.com (not required but recommended)