May 2001

New maps! By R1CH - Wednesday, May 30, 2001
2 new maps for you here! Oh yes.

First up is slimeways (820k) by HOB. Featuring healer walls, ceiling eggs and slime. Lots of slime. Well, what did you expect from HOB.

MuteMode's first attempt at mapping is in the form of Acronychal (1.6mb). Being his first map this isn't bad at all and looks set to offer some interesting gameplay, especially since mechs can only enter the spider base if they disable the "Midget Repellent"...

New Reviews By Saig - Wednesday, May 30, 2001
Yea, Ive been up to some no good again. Pumped out a few more new reviews for your reading pleasure. I would start reviewing the new maps if R1CH ever updated the maplist. Sorry about that. :\

a beta map By Sul - Monday, May 21, 2001
Strap on your flippers and prepare to get wet soldier. We're taking the next ride down to the ocean floor to rid a deep sea complex of those pesky aliens.

Maestro released a beta of his new map called
Crush Depth (beta)

It looks great for smaller games but Maestro still needs your feedback so check it out !

Ore Processing by ThePyro By R1CH - Monday, May 7, 2001
ThePyro's latest work is in the form of 'Ore Processing'. Featuring special new map entities from the 7.8.x DLLs, there are quite a few nifty features here, be sure to read the readme.txt to find out how to use them.

This is the first public release, there may still be a few problems - if so, let him know. Grab the 2.12mb file at the the FilePlanet Mirrors, the GMD Mirror or ThePyro's webspace.