June 2001

Crush Depth v2 By Sul - Wednesday, June 20, 2001
Who can't remember those games on Crushing Depths that weren't boring for the 2+ hours that they lasted.
Now here's the new improved version:
Crush Depth v2

New maps! By R1CH - Sunday, June 17, 2001
Two brand new maps for j00! First up is the "r_speed king"'s ({DaRk}Defiler's) 2nd map, in the form of Entombed at 2.7megs (you'll see why it's so big as soon as you step out the humie base...).

Next is The Hangar Hive at 882k by Bongo.

Since my computer is still dying etc, I haven't been able to check these maps out or get any screenshots... but I'll post some soon when I get Quake2 and gloom back :)

Acron-b By R1CH - Thursday, June 7, 2001
Not long after the original release, Mutemode has been listening to your feedback and released a revised version of Acronychal in the form of acron-b.zip (1.4mb).

There was an earlier update uploaded to fileplanet that this version replaces, so until the fileplanet mirrors pick up on the new version, the only reliable place to get this file from is the Gamespy Server, the GMD Mirror or wait for it to appear on the OneCall FTP.

Slimeways and Darkness By Saig - Tuesday, June 5, 2001
Reviewed the infamous "Slimeways" by HOB. Get the full skinny on the map everyone is talking about (bwahaha). I also pumped out a review of "Fear of the Dark" by {DaRk}Defiler. Both are quality reading material (once again, bwahaha).