August 2001

More map goodness By R1CH - Thursday, August 30, 2001
Hexwrench (2.12mb) by Hatecrimes-FAT- is the latest map to hit the gloom scene. From what I've seen of the layout this should offer quite a few interesting games.


I've also updated the "Quick map download" script to actually work on maps where the .zip name wasn't the same as the .bsp name. Oops.

Siege SE Final + Review! By Cataclaw - Wednesday, August 22, 2001
Our very own Chrono has another map offering for us, Siege SE Final. This will be Chrono's last version of Siege SE, and improvements include enhanced lighting, improved terrain and one or two new evil things *grin*. You can download the map over at the GMD FTP or this mirror.

Since Saig is so LAZY *cough* and hasn't reviewed Siege SE Final yet, i've took it upon myself to do the job. You can read the review here.

MSDNI! By Cataclaw - Wednesday, August 22, 2001
Sul and REX have combined their mapping talents to offer us a mission map of gigantic proportions. MSD Nuclear Industries can be downloaded here.

Expect a juicy review of this map by myself sometime in the next day or two :)

Reviews, and then some. By Cataclaw - Monday, August 20, 2001
A new batch of reviews for your reading pleasure:
1- Zeqet Erelium reviewed by Saig.
2- Satan's Phantasmagorial Lethe reviewed by Saig.
3- Planetgloom-c reviewed by Cataclaw.
4- Zeqet Erelium reviewed by Satannum.

SiegeSE Update By Saig - Tuesday, August 14, 2001
Well, Chrono already slapped out a revision of SiegeSE, and pestered me to post news about it. You can download it from the Planetgloom FTP, since its not on the fileplanet mirrors yet.

Siege SE By Devil Warrior - Thursday, August 9, 2001
A new map has been released, Siege SE. This map comes to us from Gloom's most dedicated player, Chrono. You can grab it from the link on the sidebar or from this link here.

!! Warning !! By Saig - Tuesday, August 7, 2001
Just a precaution before you download the speedmaps. One particular map in the pack can (and probably will) induce seizures and numbing pain upon viewing it. This map is Speed.bsp, by R1CH himself. I have viewed this map, and took it upon myself to say it is not healthy to view this map for periods longer than 4 minutes.

I will provide an in-depth review of this atrocity later to give you the full skinny on just how horrible this abomination is. And if youre wondering, it is most likely worse than Siege.

Speed Mapping - Winners! By R1CH - Sunday, August 5, 2001
Final results of first Gloom Map Depository (GMD) speed mapping contest:

1. Spam Deeps (spamdeeps.bsp).................. by Sul
2. Babylon Station (babylon.bsp)............... by ThePyro
3. RSM-01 Outpost (rsm01f.bsp)................. by Cataclaw
4. The Blank Outpost (lloutpost.bsp)........... by Llurk
5. Better Than Slimeways (satannumspeedmap.bsp) by Satannum
6. jumooxie (jumooxie.bsp)..................... by Spid
7. Aaaahahahahaha (erith.bsp).................. by Chamooze
8. Zeqet Erelium (speed.bsp)................... by R1CH
9. Darkblane's Pile of Arse (dbarsed.bsp)...... by Darkblane

Judges: Ankka and Chrono

Well done to Sul and thanks to all those who participated! All 10 maps (MuteMode's was classified "unplayable" for judging) can be downloaded from FTP at 3.1mb.

Highway to Hell Released! (Finally) By Devil Warrior - Sunday, August 5, 2001
Highway to Hell has finally been released! Created by Neotic, the creator of other such fun maps as Rage and Bitter, has gotten his final Gloom map compiled and ready for download. After lurking on my machine for over a year, I felt it was time to put it up here and let other people play with it. You can grab it over on the map list on the side bar or click this link.

Speed Map Pack! By R1CH - Sunday, August 5, 2001
Well, the contest is over... no winner has been declared yet, but you can download a 3.1mb pack of all 10 entries, except the ones that refused to compile in over 12 hours.

The winner will be announced soon once the judges have time to give them a good look through.

Speed Mapping Contest Over By Devil Warrior - Saturday, August 4, 2001
Well, the GMD Speed Mapping Contest is now officially over, the results are rolling in, hopefully some of these samples will be finished and converted into REAL maps, but hopefully we won't see some of them as well.

Infested Forest reviewed! By Cataclaw - Thursday, August 2, 2001
Infested-Forest has only been out for a day, but it's been stamped, labeled and reviewed for your reading pleasure. Read the review here.

Maps Ahoy! By Saig - Wednesday, August 1, 2001
A bit late getting to this, but new maps posted. Sul updated Planetgloom once again, to its hopefully final C version. Next in the list, Satan's Phantasmagorical Plethe (is that right?) by Monster, and finally, Infested Forest, by our good buddy ComeToFragy.

As of now though, Infested Forest can only be downloaded from the planetgloom ftp. Here's a direct link to the zip if youre too lazy to head there yourself. :)