September 2001

Welcome Carcinogen! By Cataclaw - Friday, September 28, 2001
As promsied, the GMD articles section is up and running, and today I'm pleased to announce our first article is available for viewing: The Future of Gloom.
The article is by Carcinogen, who is a new staff member here on the GMD. He's going to be writing reviews and articles for us. Welcome aboard Carc!

GMD Update By Cataclaw - Wednesday, September 26, 2001
Good news and bad news for you all. Bad news is, R1CH has left for university and won't be with the GMD until he returns or finds some way of accessing the Internet on a regular, unrestricted basis. The good news is the GMD still has Sul, myself, Saig and DevilWarrior to keep the place running, so we're still alive and kicking. In fact, I've made some additions to the GMD...
First, a new section called "Articles" is now available via the sidebar on your left. Our soon-to-be-formed staff of writers will offer the community some good reading related to Gloom and Gloom mapping. Also new is the "Gloom Map of the Week" (MOTW for short). Every week, a random map will be selected and chosen as the MOTW. This map will be placed on the OneCall.Net 32 Player Gloom map rotation and will be played for a week, assuming the map wasn't already on OneCall.
Lastly, a few minor tweaks and fixes here and there were made. Expect more changes in the coming days and weeks!

Other random news:

  • Review of TSpace2b available here.
  • Review of TheNest available here.
  • Information on the new articles section can be found here.

The HC1-R Facility By Sul - Friday, September 21, 2001
YES usually maps are made for all you gloomer but tonight we the gloomer release a map just for you, R1CH. Obviously not a flawless work we still hope you can enjoy this map before you leave us for university.

now every day we'll play The HC1-R Facility and remember your great contribution to the gloomy world.

Fileplanet By R1CH - Monday, September 17, 2001
Well planetgloom are being great hosts, but to be honest fileplanet just doesn't cut it any more. You see a new map on OneCall, by the time you've waited 40+ minutes in line to get it, it's over.

As of now all the sidebar map links goto the FTP. This will remain the case if fileplanet stays the way it is.

Powerslave ! By Sul - Sunday, September 16, 2001
By no means just an ordinary new map.


download: Powerslave

Gloom Arena update By R1CH - Thursday, September 13, 2001
Cataclaw's Gloom Arena has been updated with a new version that fixes many of the gameplay bugs present in the first release. With a few button relocations, some new rooms, in-game instructions and better bases, you'll find the 2.2mb revision a lot better than the original.


Note that this version will require a new DLL that isn't actually out yet for some features to work... so don't expect to see it on OneCall for a while.

The Gloom Arena By Cataclaw - Monday, September 3, 2001
The Gloom Arena is finished and available for download. All the information you could want about the map is in the readme file, and i *strongly* urge you to read it carefully, it has valuable gameplay details. I repeat. Read the readme file, it's important. Screen shots will be posted soon. Grab the file here.

There are certain gameplay issues with Gloom Arena, it is after all an experimental map. You may view the thread discussing these issues and their potential solutions here. A revision is in the works and will be released within a week. You may download the current version of Gloom Arena, but it has been removed from onecall for the time being.