October 2001

Update By Cataclaw - Monday, October 15, 2001
This week's randomly selected map of the week is Acronychal, by MuteMode. I've been kind of bombarded with work recently and as a result i haven't been able to update the MOTW. I'll try to arrange for another GMD staff member to do it should i be unable to one week.
In other news.. a new GMD article is in the works and will be available within a week. Stay tuned :)

New Reviews By Saig - Wednesday, October 10, 2001
A couple of new reviews have been posted for your reading pleasure. Carcinogen is on the ball, already with an article, and now hes tackling reviews, his first being on Maestro's Crush Depth.

I also decided to get off my ass and do a review as well, this time picking apart the dynamics of Mutemode's Acronychal. Both should keep you all occupied until some truly horrible maps come along for us to torment. >:)

Crush Depth (again!) By Sul - Thursday, October 4, 2001
And again it's almost a new map. This unique theme wears the rather simple title
Crush Depth - The Final Plunge - by Maestro
And he managed to make a very nice sky too :)
Seriously one of those maps that should be in your favorite map rotation.