October 2003

A Cold Night By R1CH - Friday, October 17, 2003
Perhaps the title should be 'A Cold Dark Night' of MuteMode's latest creation. This map is the first to use the new 'key' entities coded for gloom - similar to single player, players can collect keys and certain items require a key to be triggered.

In this case, there is a button in the enemy base that enables your 5-frag class and disables the enemies! However only builder classes are able to carry the key, so if you want your mechs or stalkers, you'll have to defend your builders!

Grab the 7MB map (featuring EvilPak hi-resolution PNG textures - grab R1GL, Lite/Ech/EGL or SulQ2) from your favorite GMD mirror. Please note, to run this map correctly as a server you require a Gloom DLL dated 16th October 2003 or greater.