Gloom Client Guide
(last updated for version 8.0.0 by r1ch)

Gloom client commands
These commands are entered from the client console.

Command Description
timeleft Shows how much time is left on the current map.
uptime Show how long the server has been running and how many kills it has recorded during this time.
changeclass Changes your class. Syntax: changeclass newclass, newclass being the name of the new class. If used from observer mode, this will automatically join the team for you.
changeteam Bring up the change class/team menu. Useful if you just want one bind to change class.
adminlist Show a list of all the admins currently in game.
stats Show player statistics. Syntax: stats [id|name], where id is another player's id or name is part of their name. If neither id or name is specified, your stats are shown. Stats shows number of kills of each enemy class.
playerlist Show a list of all players and their player ID number.
vote Initiate a vote. Depending on the server config, you may not be allowed to vote on some things. Syntax for each vote ('vote' omitted in each instance):

To specify a vote against another player (for kick, teamkick and mute) you can either use their client ID (found using playerlist) or a partial match on their name. Eg, to vote to kick [some]lamer who has client id 4, you could type: vote kick 4 OR vote kick lamer.

kick Kick a player from the server.
teamkick Same as a vote kick, except only your team can vote and only your team's votes count.
map Vote to change the map. This must be done before the 5 minute rule expires, if enabled. Syntax: vote map mapname, mapname being the filename of the map eg gloom2, deserted-r1. You can only vote on maps currently in the rotation.
nextmap Vote to change the next map. Same usage as above, except can be done at any point during a game.
mute Vote to mute a player.
endmap Vote to abort the current map and go on to the next one in whatever state the current map is in. This vote requires a 75% yes to pass. Syntax: vote endmap

Depending on the server configuration, other players will have a certain time to vote, default is 30 seconds. To change your vote, just type vote yes or vote no in the console.

The person who started the vote can abort it with vote abort. Server admins can use this at any time, as well as vote yes veto and vote no veto which immediately ends the vote with their decision.

maplist Display the current map rotation and name. The highlighted map is the current map.
sinfo Display player counts and how many people on each team.
players Show a list of players and their score.
closemenu Close any open menu, useful to bind to ESC which some people seem to use.
respawn This will respawn your current class at an available teleporter or egg with health, inventory etc intact. May only be used if standing/next to one of your own spawns. Primary use is to get ouf of bad eggs, etc.
part Leave the server with a message, eg part im off to sleep would show the message to players before you are disconnected.
id Enable/disable player/class identification display (similar to CTF's ID feature but nicer :). Defaults on.
grenade Depending on your class, this will throw a grenade/spore.
flashlight If you are on the human team, this command will turn on/off your flashlight.
destroy As a builder class, this command will kill the structure you are looking at, useful if you're moving bases and the old stuff isn't needed.
ignore Ignore a client. Usage: ignore (id|name), specifying the client ID or part/all of the player name. You will then not see any public, team or private messages from this client. Upon disconnection, the client will be unignored since someone else might join with the same ID.
create Used by builder classes as a shortcut to create structures. Usage: create X, where x is one of the following: teleporter, turret, mgturret, mine, depot, detector, egg, spiker, obstacle, gasser, healer. Create and lay are identical in function.
voice Used to do a voice from your class. Usage: voice X, where X is from 0 to 5. As humans, the voice command will do things like "We need defense", "Acknowledged", "On my way", etc. As aliens they tend to be various screams.
restore Used to restore a ghost. You will need your ghost code to do this, to restore your ghost simply type restore x where x is your ghost code. See below for more information about ghost codes.
reload As human, this will reload your current weapon. (if applicable)

%x-style text replacement 'macros'
There are several macros you can use in a say message that get replaced with various info. To use, simply add them to a bind in the form bind x say_team help i'm a %c with %p health or in a normal say command just incoming %1 for example. There are also a few 'modifier' commands. Appending an @ sign to the end of your message will only send it if the result to a %t, %h or %s command is NOT 'nobody'. Appending a ^ to the end of your message will only make it be sent if you are alive, eg you could have a bind such as bind 3 changeclass stinger ; say_team I have respawned as a %c^. Here is a list of all the % replacements:

% Replacement Sample use
%c Your current class name, eg stinger, commando. bind x say_team I'm a %c
%C Upper-case first letter version of your current class name, eg Stinger, Commando. bind x say_team I'm a %C
%p How much health you currently have, eg 200. bind x say_team I need a healer, I have %p health
%P How much armor you currently have, eg 25. bind x say_team enginer repair me please, i have %P armor
%f How many frags you currently have, eg 2. bind x say_team I have %f frags, anyone coming mech?
%F How much score you currently have, eg 98. bind x say 1 0wn j00 4ll with my l33t sc0r3 of %F
%t The name of the person you are currently looking at, or 'nobody' if you aren't looking at anyone. bind x say_team I see %t!
%T The name of the class of the person you are looking at, or 'nobody' if you aren't looking at anyone. bind x say_team I see a %T!
%s Same as %t, except this will detect only spider classes. bind x say_team %s is attacking us!
%S Same as %T, again spiders only. bind x say_team Incoming %S!!
%h As %t, humans only. bind x say_team Hey %h, follow me!
%H As %T, humans... bind x say_team Whoever that %H is, get over here!
%X X being a number from 1 - 8. The name of the enemy class X. Eg if you are a grunt and you see a hatchie fly past you, %1 would report 'hatchling'. If you were the hatchling, %1 would report 'grunt'. bind x say_team incoming %5! get defence now!
%u Your team's "repair" structure, eg as humans this would be 'depot', as aliens, 'healer. bind x say_team i need a %u now!!
%U Same as above, but upper-case first letter. bind x say_team %U now please!
%i Name of the item you are currently looking at (eg egg, teleporter, spiker, etc). Does not work on players, only in-game structures. bind x say_team %s, meet me by the %i!
%I As above, but upper-case first letter. bind x say_team %I needs repairs!

Private messages
As of gloom 8.0.0, you can send private messages to one or more players on the server. To do so, begin a normal message and start off by typing !p, followed by a partial match of the player's name, then your message. Eg !p R1 hi this is a private message would send the message to R1 only (if an exact match). If I was to do !p [DSH] meeting tonight in irc, the message would be sent to all players with [DSH] in their name. Please be aware that admins can view private messages from the server console, so do not abuse the privilege.

Ghost codes
You may see this cryptic message about a ghost code every time you join a server. If you keep a note of the number it dispays, you can use the restore command outlined above to recover your score and frags in the event you crash or overflow. Keep in mind the ghost code will only last for 5 minutes after you disconnect, and is only valid if you had frags when you disconnected.

If you find yourself always crashing and overflowing, you probably want to take note of the static ghost code feature. This allows you to add to your config a number that will always be your ghost code. This should be something unique, perhaps a slight modification of your ICQ number or your birthday. When you have thought of something, you should add to your config set sgcode x where x is the number you want. From now on, the server will always use that number to store your ghost code. You could even add to your config alias recover restore x and all you have to do is type 'recover' at the console to restore your ghost.

User accounts
If you join a server and then are dumped to the console with a message about user accounts, this is because your ISP has been banned from the server. This is usually to stop some idiot from reconnecting and ruining games, but don't worry, you can still play. In the message about user accounts you should have seen contact information such as an email address or IRC channel or similar. Send off a request for a user account to the contact address, including your IP address, player name and a username/password you want for the account. Keep in mind your username and password cannot be longer than 8 letters and cannot contain a :, /, ". Once the admins respond and hopefully create the account, this will allow you to bypass the ban on your ISP. To use the account, simply edit your gloom/autoexec.cfg file and add the following line:
set user "username:password" u
Replacing the username and password obviously. The u at the end is not a typo, it is required for the account to work. Once you have changed your config and your account has been set up, you should be able to get on the server!

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