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Gloom News

Quake II Server Browser Posted by R1CH on Tuesday, June 29, 2010
The master server used by Gloom Server Browser has shut down in favor of the Quake II Server Browser. Download it here. You can also view the servers online at

A New Gloom Server Browser! Posted by R1CH on Friday, July 13, 2007
Gloom Server Browser has been revamped, sporting a new resizable UI, buddy tracker and other trinkets.


You can grab the new version here (15 KiB).

IP Change Posted by R1CH on Wednesday, April 6, 2005
OCLD Gloom has changed IP. Please use the IP when connecting or get straight into the game with the Gloom Server Browser.

Update, OCLD Gloom is currently moving providers. It should return shortly. Stay tuned.

Gloom Map Vote Posted by R1CH on Sunday, October 31, 2004
For those of you who would like to decide what maps are played on some servers (notably OCLD for now), head on over to the Gloom Map Vote script to have your say! You require a PlanetGloom Forums account in order to vote.

Updated Gloom Gallery! Posted by R1CH on Saturday, June 26, 2004
Finally the Gloom Gallery has been converted to a CGI script to handle image uploads and page generation automatically. If you want the world to see your picture, upload it now!

Server Update Completed Posted by R1CH on Wednesday, November 5, 2003
As you may have noticed, was down for a few days. During this time the server was reinstalled with linux as the NT4 Server was showing it's age and this OS change should provide increased reliability and speed. Hopefully it's all switched over properly now, there may be a few issues with the Community Files but hopefully nothing major. Please drop a note on the forums if anything appears broken.

On another note, the Gloom Server Browser had a minor update to list the DLL Version used by each server.

Vote For Gloom! Posted by R1CH on Saturday, May 3, 2003
FilePlanet are running a "Best Classic Mod" vote and gloom is one of the options! Get over there and give it your vote!

#gloom - now even easier! Posted by R1CH on Saturday, March 22, 2003
If you want to pop into the ever-eventful #gloom chat room, you can now use the DarkIRC Java Applet. Click "Yes" to the permissions, hit connect, select #gloom from the channels list and you're there!

Quake 3 Gloom! Posted by R1CH on Saturday, February 22, 2003
Quake 3 Gloom Screenshot
Yes, you read that correctly. Team Reaction have recently announced plans to make gloom for Quake 3. Also released is a desktop wallpaper, the small version of which is shown above. Head on over to the Gloom Forums to grab your full size version today!

Head along to in channel #q3gloom for more news and discussion.

Another GSB Update Posted by R1CH on Sunday, February 2, 2003
Head over to the servers page to grab the latest GSB with a fix for displaying player names which contain spaces.

The Great IP Change Posted by R1CH on Tuesday, January 28, 2003
Well, the OneCall Gloom Servers and planetgloom have moved IP tonight. You can find the new server at Note, if you are using 'BattleStar.OneCall.Net' anywhere, this domain will no longer be valid and has no plans to be updated. If you want to use a DNS name, will always be current.

Also along with the IP change, I removed the data file that the old versions of GSB use. If you suddenly find yourself getting no servers in GSB, get the new version!

More Updates... Posted by R1CH on Sunday, January 26, 2003
The Gloom Server Browser posted yesterday is now fixed, I forgot to change the Quake2 launching code over to the new format - so if you downloaded GSB yesterday please re-download it again for the fix.

The "Gloom Servers" link on the imagemap above now takes you to the servers page, on which you can see all gloom servers registered with the master and download GSB.

Return of and updated Gloom Server Browser Posted by R1CH on Saturday, January 25, 2003
I have rewritten the Gloom Master Server program to actually work as intended. If you run a server, you can now add it to the Gloom Master Server list by entering setmaster in the server config or directly from the console. Within a few minutes your server should then be visible from GSB 1.0.10 or later.

To see servers which use the Gloom Master, you will need the latest version (1.0.10, released today) of the Gloom Server Browser.

Updated Map Pack Posted by R1CH on Sunday, January 19, 2003
The Gloom All Map Pack has undergone a big change. I've remade it with all playable maps, fixed versions of some broken ones (eg better.bsp) and included for sure every texture that every map needs. It is no longer in .pak format and you should just extract it to your gloom directory with "use folder names" option enabled. You can find the new 197mb map pack which contains every map up to this date on the files page.

Also, OneCall will still be changing IPs... sometime this year :)

OneCall Gloom 1.x IP Address Change Posted by R1CH on Saturday, December 28, 2002
The two OneCall.Net Gloom servers, the 40 player and the 6on6 server will be changing IPs soon after the new year. To be sure you don't lose connectivity, if you are using the IP address anywhere, replace it with the hostname as this will propgate very quickly with the new IP address. For those of you using, it is uncertain whether this will update (even if it does, it may take upwards of a week to propogate due to the huge TTL) as it is outside of my control; will always be up to date.

Note that after the IP change, and may be inaccessible for up to 48 hours dependant on your ISP. If you use the Gloom Server Browser, update your server list if you suddenly find that the OneCall servers are not responding.

New Team Reaction Forums and Website! Posted by R1CH on Monday, December 16, 2002
Team Reaction have unveiled a new look website back at planetquake along with brand new and thankfully faster forums. Don't forget to update your bookmarks!

1.x Server DLL Released Posted by R1CH on Friday, November 29, 2002
I've finally posted an updated server DLL for Windows on the files page. This is version 1.x, the heavily modified semi hybrid 1.3 and 1.1 mix. Note that the server admin guide only refers to the original 1.3 DLL, not all the commands are the same for the 1.x DLL.

OneCall 40 Map Cycle and IP Change Posted by R1CH on Thursday, November 28, 2002
With the new map list format, the old rotation viewer script didn't work so if you want you can view the new rotation.

In other news, BattleStar (OneCall 40, 6on6 and planetgloom) will be changing IP address soon. If you are using the IP directly to connect, it is recommended you replace it with '' as this will always be current. store sale! Posted by R1CH on Thursday, October 10, 2002
Until the 21st of October, there's $3 off some items over at the store. So go get your very own Drone T-Shirt now!

OneCall Console Bots Posted by R1CH on Monday, September 2, 2002
As some of you who frequent IRC probably know, there are now 2 bots that will relay the events on the Onecall 40 and Onecall 6on6 servers to IRC. Too lazy to connect and find out what's happening? Head on over to with an irc client and take a peek in #onecall-console or #6on6-console.

Gloom Merchandise! Posted by R1CH on Monday, May 20, 2002
Well it's kinda been around for a bit but I don't seem to have posted a news item. I've opened a store where you can order t-shirts, caps etc. The artwork is from Xelfer's Gloom Comics, if however you feel like doing some of your own sketches at high resolutions (> 1024x1024), I will consider putting those designs on the site as well.

All items are being sold at base prices (ie I'm not making any profit) so go ahead and order some stuff! If you want.

GSB 1.0.7 Posted by R1CH on Friday, May 10, 2002
Just uploaded a new version of the Gloom Server Browser bringing it to 1.0.7. Main change is the option to specify your Quake II executable in the config (eg sulq2.exe if you use it). Also, the method of starting Q2 has changed yet again. If you get errors such as "Couldn't load pics/colormap.pcx" or "Couldn't fall back to software refresh!", try checking or greying the "Alternate Q2 Start" option in the config. Additionally I decreased the delay between sending ping packets, so it should get the server list a bit faster.

Optimized images Posted by R1CH on Wednesday, May 8, 2002
I just recently optimized all the images on planetgloom, converting from the obsolete GIF format to patent free, smaller PNG files. However, some of you seem to be using browsers that are not capable of rendering PNG images propery, notably Internet Exploiter. I recommend you upgrade to a more secure, robust and standards-compliant browser such as Mozilla.

Australian Gloom Server Posted by R1CH on Wednesday, May 8, 2002
Finally you Australian Gloomers have your own local server. No more 300 pings to OneCall any more :). Shenka has set up "AustarMetro Gloom 1.3 Server" at If you use the Gloom Server Browser, hit the Update button to add this server to your list. Enjoy!

Gloom Gallery Posted by R1CH on Sunday, April 21, 2002
Although it's been up a while, I never got around to linking it. The Gloom Gallery is a collection of photos of various gloomers that you can laugh it when you have nothing better to do. If you'd like your pic adding, find me on #gloom.

Updated Server Browser Posted by R1CH on Thursday, March 21, 2002
Since Zim needed to use battlestar to host other things, this meant the webserver virtual host config changed - and in the process, GSB broke. You can grab a new version which fixes this here. This one also caches the server list, so you don't have to wait for it to update the list every time it starts up.

Gloom Master Server ( Posted by R1CH on Saturday, February 23, 2002
I've been working on a little project over the past week in the form of a master server. For those of you who don't know, a master server keeps a list of all servers. However, the gloom master server I created will only keep a list of gloom servers. Anyone can add their server to the master server list by entering 'setmaster' in their server console. At the moment it isn't too special, if you've got GameSpy 3D you can add it as a master server and see whats there. Eventually, the Gloom Server Browser will be updated to use this, allowing anyone to run and advertise a gloom server. Enjoy!

Quake II Source! Posted by R1CH on Friday, December 21, 2001
WOW! id software gave us an early Christmas present in the form of the Quake II engine source code. Rest assured that we will develop new technologies and update the code to form a special gloom client .exe for use with gloom, enabling many new features and effects that you couldn't even dream of being able to do previously.

However, with the source come the lame cheat coders. Expect to see some hacked quake 2 executables floating around very soon. I don't need to remind you the risks of running untrusted programs and that you'll receive a permanent ban if you are caught using cheats. Until a secure gloom client is developed there isn't much we can do I'm afraid. Don't expect anything too soon, this will require a LOT of working on. Expect something some time in 2002.

Until then, keep on glooming!

Gloom Server Browser Posted by R1CH on Thursday, December 13, 2001
Well after a few days of testing and debugging, I'm pleased to be able to offer the Gloom Server Browser that will download an up to date list of gloom servers, query them, and allow you to simply double click on one to join.

Here's a quick screenshot of what it looks like:

Using GSB is a lot quicker than using something like GameSpy since you won't have to ping every Quake II server, only ones running Gloom. community files Posted by R1CH on Friday, November 23, 2001
After a few weeks of work, I'm pleased to be able to offer the community files pages. These set of fully automatic scripts will alow you to submit a file such as a model, sound pak, etc for inclusion on the FTP. Once uploaded, it is added to a moderation queue that the admin staff can browse through and approve/reject files easily.

Many thanks to SgtZim for allowing me to run this :)

Gloom Trailer Posted by R1CH on Wednesday, August 29, 2001
For those of you that somehow ended up here with no clue about gloom or without Quake II and want to see some action, Galldrin's gloom movie has become a sort of trailer for gloom, in the form of a divX/MP3 .avi file.

Grab the 10.9mb DivXv3 version now, or if you've got a phat pipe you can grab the higher quality 26mb DivXv4 version and see what all the fuss is about! As soon as you're done watching, head off into town and find Quake II at your local bargain bin and get glooming!

Note, you will require the divx/MP3 codecs to play these videos, if you don't have them then grab ffdshow.

Gloom Movie! Posted by R1CH on Tuesday, August 28, 2001
Well, not quite a movie, more of a "trailer"... but still excellent work by Galldrin Studios whatever you choose to call it. Great to show off to your friends to get them into gloom, you can download the 2.36mb file from FTP.

Speed Mapping Contest Posted by R1CH on Sunday, August 5, 2001
Well the contest is over... no winner has been decided yet, but you can grab a zip file of all 10 entries here (3.1mb).

UPDATE: Winners announced! Check out the rankings at the Gloom Map Depository.

GMD Speed Mapping Contest! Posted by R1CH on Sunday, July 29, 2001
Can you use a map editor? If yes, then have a go at the GMD Speed Mapping Contest. You will have just 3 hours to come up with a themed gloom map. More details at the the GMD.

1.3 Fixes Posted by R1CH on Sunday, July 22, 2001
As promised, there is now a 1.3 updater available that will fix any bad and missing models/skins/sounds that were in the original 1.3 installer and updater.

You will ONLY need this fix if you downloaded 1.3 prior to seeing this news posting, since the gloom13full.exe and gloom13update.exe have both been updated to include the files this fix offers.

Get it from the files page.

Problems Posted by R1CH on Saturday, July 21, 2001
Yes, I am aware there are a few missing skins, improperly linked models and a few missing sounds. It's 4am, that's what you get when I'm rushed :P

I'll have a fix out tomorrow and update the installers.

1.3 is out !!! Posted by R1CH on Saturday, July 21, 2001
The subject says it all :)

Hit that files link NOW!

Welcome to! Posted by R1CH on Friday, July 6, 2001
Whee... I got me a new domain :) is your Gloom Portal. From here you should be able to access everything you need relating to gloom, from the latest news and files to direct links to the GMD and DLL changes page.

Enjoy the site :)


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