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Kai's el diablo negro sound pak (3.64 Mb, 325 downloads) Kai @ Sun Nov 23 03:55:09 2003
Changed a few sounds that annoyed the hell out of me (Thanks Saig). Should be easy to spot the changes. This is the first version. Look for updates in the future!

Zanathos' Custom Sound Pak (8.05 Mb, 421 downloads) Zanathos @ Fri Jul 11 05:04:02 2003
This file changes half a dozen human weapon sounds and also R1CH's Sound File.

Included Files :

An Autogun firing sound replacement.
A Magnum firing sound replacement.
A Pistol firing sound replacement.

A Pistol reload sound replacement.
A Magnum reload sound replacement.

Edited Grenade Tick.

R1CH's Noise reduced Gloom 1.3 sounds.

Swedish grunt voices (1.15 Mb, 231 downloads) Chamooze @ Fri Mar 28 16:35:11 2003
Replacement sounds for grunt voices, now in swedish (no voice acting! yay!)

dafunks second sound pack (6.50 Mb, 377 downloads) dafunk(lull) @ Sat Feb 22 19:48:17 2003
Lots of weapon sounds, ambient sounds, player sounds etc.

Chamooze's 5min.wav (22.08 Kb, 231 downloads) Chamooze @ Fri Mar 21 15:52:05 2003
Just a pak containing a non-copyrighted 5min.wav that is played when there's 5 minutes remaining on map. Unzip to your Gloom directory and rename...

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