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picco's sound pak (866.92 Kb, 212 downloads) piccoLEW @ Sun Sep 29 00:31:06 2002
Just different victory music, and some weapon sounds I changed over the last year or so. Mainly taken from Command and Conquer.

Krybosis's Gloom Sound Pack (2.82 Mb, 417 downloads) Krybosis @ Mon Aug 19 15:30:51 2002
Quality soundpack replacing almost all weapon sounds, contains also new victory musics, teleporter sound and some other stuff.

Noise Reduced Original Gloom 1.3 Sounds (5.60 Mb, 449 downloads) R1CH @ Wed May 29 17:37:59 2002
This file contains a bunch of the original Gloom 1.3 sounds with lots of filtering and noise reduction applied. If you listen carefully to the original sounds you will notice a distinct background hiss. This file contains filtered versions of the problem sounds with noise reduction applied, producing a much higher quality sound without any hiss.

To use: extract to your gloom directory. If you're having problems use WinRAR to extract the .tar.bz2 file.

neRd's StarCraft SoundPak (13.32 Mb, 282 downloads) neRd @ Tue Apr 9 00:08:15 2002
This SoundPak replaces many of the classes in gloom. The original SC soundpak was made by LuisX, i adjusted a few things and remade new sounds. Enjoy!

Assorted sounds (1.38 Mb, 144 downloads) andrew @ Sat Mar 30 03:38:02 2002
A few sounds from Half-Life and some of its mods (including osjb), remixed pain sounds for some alien classes, new victory sounds for both teams.

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