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Strangepak Part 2 (11.36 Mb, 34 downloads) Bajoran @ Sat Dec 1 19:42:39 2007
Compilation of PGCF stuff + extras.

This is part two, containing the playermodels/skins/sounds.

Strangepak Part 1 (11.20 Mb, 34 downloads) Bajoran @ Sat Dec 1 19:31:07 2007
Part one of Strangepak, compilation of stuff on PGCF + some nifty extras.

Action-Spartan Pak (7.01 Mb, 487 downloads) Bajoran @ Sat Oct 27 18:33:56 2007
Grim's Action-Spartanpak
Description: Replacement V_weps, Turret, commando voices, and various sounds.

Bajoran's Custom Pak (21.22 Mb, 72 downloads) Bajoran @ Wed Jan 5 03:40:24 2005
Modified sounds
some of r1's cleaned sounds
lots of grim models
some froggy skins
joves troopers
modified HT
modified engi skin
modified bio skin
point sprite for r1gl
other things
read the readme
Bajoran's Custom Pak

Wicker Gloom Enhancement Pack (25.10 Mb, 849 downloads) Wicker @ Wed Jul 28 20:52:21 2004
This pak file is RECOMMENDED for use with EGL or R1GL. You can get EGL at and R1GL at You wont be able to run this pak file without a renderer because Quake2 doesn't support textures above 480 pixels.
It contains enhancements for every human and alien model and skin, and every human gun as well as new models/skins for all defences. See Below for a full list of changes.



Grim's Shock Trooper Shotgun.
Grim's Autogun.
Switen's Pulse Rifle replacement from lmctf.
Stannum's Pistol.
Stannum's Elite Commando Smg.
Stannum's Elite Commando Magnum.
Somebody's Biotech Gun (its a shotgun), looks better than before.


Smack's Engineer with 32 bit high resolution skin.
Jove's high quality Grunt Model and skin.
Jove's high quality BIotech Model and Skin.
Jove's high quality Shock Trooper Model and skin.
Jove's high quality Heavy Trooper Model and skin.
Jove's high quality Commando Model and Skin.
Tuomas' High quality Exterminator skin.
Grims Mech version 2, without grunt. Shot and walk sound replaced with originals, using default skin.


Jove's High Quality Teleporter.
High Quality Tripwire.
High Quality Turret.
New Pics for all of the Human Classes.
Better Grenades (dunno when you would see this :)
Autogun firing sound replaced.
Magnum firing sound replaced.
Magnum reload sound replaced.
Pistol firing sound replaced.
Pistol reload sound replaced.
Edited Grenade tick sound.
Picco's Human Victory music (used to be alien, more suiting for Human)



Froggy's 24 bit high resolution Breeder.
Froggy's 24 bit high resolution Hatchling/Kamikaze skin.
Froggy's 24 bit high resolution Wraith skin.
Froggy's 24 bit high resolution Drone.
Froggy's 24 bit high resolution Stinger.
Froggy's 24 bit high resolution GUardian.
Froggy's 24 bit high resolution Stalker skin.


Krybosis' Alien Victory Music
Froggy's High res pics for Aliens.
Smack's Egg.
Smack's Spiker.
Froggy's 24 bit high resolution healer.
High Res gasser.
Lull's Obstacle.
AC1's Spike Replacement (for stalker, guard, spikers).
Aliens Eyes aren't infra-red (makes a nice effect)


Froggy's High Res Gibs.
R1CH's fixed Gloom menus (for certain resolutions).
R1CH's Noise reduced 1.3 Gloom Sounds.
Cloudy Console from EGL website.
EGL Scripts for many changes above.
Half-Life 5 min warning sound.
Some sound changes from Kai, Picco, and Dafunk
The Pic on the side is by Psylo.

thanks to everyone for all of your files and contributions:
R1CH, Echon, Zanathos, Jove , Froggyquin, Smack, Grim, Stannum, and more...
you guys helped make gloom what it is today
Wicker Gloom Enhancement Pack

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