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Here is the current list of Gloom Servers as reported by the master server. To connect to a server, we recommend you download the Quake II Server Browser which will list all gloom servers and show your ping, the current map and player count. You can then simply double click a server to join it.

If you do not wish to use QSB, to connect to one of these servers, simply run Quake II and bring down the console by pressing the tilde (~) key, then type: connect <address>, where address is one of the servers below, and press enter.

Active Servers

Hostname Address Map Players gcaves3-beta1 0 / 32

0 players total, 0 servers timed out. If the server IP links do not work, visit to download a tool that allows you to associate the quake2:// links with your client.

Here's some handy code to paste into your autoexec.cfg so these servers show up in the in-game server browser:

set adr0 "" //

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