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Exterminator Laser Gun Replacement (79.42 Kb, 1264 downloads) Switen @ Sun Jan 26 01:08:06 2003
Exterm Gun Replacement. You may have seen this wonderful weapon from another q2 mod (lmctf). And today its been brought to gloom! Exterminator Laser Gun Replacement

Healer with eyestock and flailing tentacles (27.47 Kb, 498 downloads) Dafunk(lull) @ Wed Jan 22 02:47:39 2003
Your basic looking alien entity with eye stock and flailing tentacles. Healer with eyestock and flailing tentacles

Detailed Stinger Model (447.04 Kb, 1322 downloads) Grim @ Sat Nov 23 01:09:34 2002
This is a new stinger model.

Higher polygon count and has nice details.

Includes 24-bit png skin, to use (you should know this by now) extract to your gloom directory and rename to pakx.pak where x is the next available number.
Detailed Stinger Model

Q2 Rocket Model (7.10 Kb, 211 downloads) Echon @ Sat Oct 26 22:39:34 2002
This is basically the standard Quake 2 rocket model, placed in a pak file appropriately for gloom. Use this if you're as sick of that red warhead as I am.

Grim's Big Mech Version 2 (4.79 Mb, 1504 downloads) Grim @ Sat Oct 26 14:25:35 2002
Replacement of mech mech model. Has some new sounds. Comes with 4 skins in both png and pcx format. Usable with or without grunt pilot. Read the included .txt file for further info on how to use and install etc. Grim's Big Mech Version 2

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