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Stannum's 3rd Mech (1.93 Mb, 650 downloads) Stannum @ Fri Oct 18 20:16:24 2002
New mech with 4 optional skins. Works with new q2 renderers such as SulQ2 and r1gl that support .PNG skins as well as normal q2.

Be sure to read the enclosed files for details on how to use!
Stannum's 3rd Mech

Desert Eagle Commando Magnum (420.90 Kb, 813 downloads) Grim @ Sat Oct 5 20:03:14 2002
Its a Desert Eagle to replace the commandos magnum handgun.
Includes png skin for newer gl's like sulq2 or r1gl. Also includes pcx skin for compatibility.

To use: extract to your gloom directory and rename to pakx.pak where x is the next free number.
Desert Eagle Commando Magnum

Grim's Old Style Pistol (168.04 Kb, 359 downloads) Grim @ Sat Sep 21 06:07:03 2002
Redo of the old pistol model. PNG skin included. It looks weird. Grim's Old Style Pistol

Grim's ST Shotgun (256.07 Kb, 874 downloads) Grim @ Sat Sep 21 06:04:01 2002
New ST shotgun model
with PNG for 32 bit renderers and PCX for compatibility.

To use: Extract to your gloom dir and rename to pakX.pak where X is the next available pak number.
Grim's ST Shotgun

Grim's Big Mech (393.91 Kb, 424 downloads) Grim @ Sun Sep 8 22:14:16 2002
It's a big tuff looking mech with a grunt pilot inside. Contains PNG and PCX skins.

To use: extract the .pak file to your gloom directory and rename to pakX.pak where X is the next available number.
Grim's Big Mech

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