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neRd's "Crafty" Bio (274.92 Kb, 632 downloads) neRd @ Thu Jul 4 05:34:16 2002
It's a replacement for the biotech in gloom. She has big boobs and a nice body! Also has a better(which I believe) shotgun.

Large screenshot:

To use: extract to gloom dir. If you already have a pak4.pak, rename it to the next available number.

Credit goes to John "deepgroove" Turner.

Stannum's Pulse Rifle (106.39 Kb, 165 downloads) Saig @ Tue Jun 25 15:07:06 2002
Replacement for Grunt Autogun. Pulse Rifle replica from "A Certain Movie". Fairly old model, but hey whatever. Stannum's Pulse Rifle

8balls hatchling (106.86 Kb, 484 downloads) 8ball @ Wed Apr 17 17:00:21 2002
A hatchling model I've made. It's quite funny to watch it die if u get to see it die anyway. Poor lil guys.. any way thats that. 8balls hatchling

High Quality Teleporter Replacement (247.53 Kb, 1511 downloads) Jove Chiere @ Wed Apr 3 16:39:40 2002
New model and skin of the Teleport in .PNG of 256x256x24b (also includes .PCX version). Specially made for SulQ2. High Quality Teleporter Replacement

Stannum's Map Models 1 (757.46 Kb, 124 downloads) Stannum @ Sun Mar 3 18:44:36 2002
Series one of my mapmodels. Planets, Exterm suit, Autogun, Pad and my second mech.

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