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Sounds for Grims autogun2 (135.71 Kb, 60 downloads) S.Sissi @ Sun Nov 4 23:08:22 2007
More fitting sounds for Grims autogun2. Used cs1.6 sounds. The firing sound(ak47) might be too loud, but doesnt bother me.

Saig's Soundpak FINAL (2.63 Mb, 244 downloads) Saig @ Tue Aug 16 15:24:07 2005
Last soundpak Im ever releasing. Contains an assortment of sound effects to beef up Gloom, most especially Human weaponry and whatnot. Enjoy!

Some of the sounds are pretty loud so you may want to fiddle with volume settings to achieve a desired decibel level.

Quake II Replacement Soundpack (21.42 Mb, 1035 downloads) R1CH @ Mon Apr 11 20:10:06 2005
This sound pack contains new sounds for most of the ambient and other default sounds in Quake II. Brings a new breath of life into many maps!

For a good time, try it with the door on temple2.bsp

To use: extract to either your baseq2 or gloom directory.

Starcontrol Soundpak (385.86 Kb, 172 downloads) Juffo-Wup @ Fri Oct 22 19:33:25 2004
Mainly weapon sounds. Most come from Sc2 and others from Sc3.

To use: extract to gloom directory, rename to next highest numbered pak file.

picco's 2nd sound pak (1.17 Mb, 254 downloads) piccoLEW @ Tue Apr 27 00:17:10 2004
different: grenlx1a, machgfxb, new victory music, other files same as old sound pak.

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